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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Protect Your Ideas

Before patent, trademark and copyright laws were put in place, the primary source of wealth was land. More than 5 million patents have been issued in the United Sates since the first patent law of 1790. The system is working.

Key Question:


In the case of the cold-nosed projector, Jack and Ruth Ellen have 16 patents on various aspects of this one product.

Q: Why bother doing so much paperwork?

A: Multiple patents make it nearly impossible for someone to steal your idea. Many big companies are known for stealing ideas; they don't think twice about incorporating your idea into one of their products without paying you.  Yet, they  would not as readily attempt to copy a product that has multiple patents registered in the United States Patent office.

One reason it is so hard for small companies to make it big with new products is that big companies are predators. They can't help themselves. Their marketshare gives them huge advantage so they have cash for research and development and actually think they are smarter than you. Can you just hear a scientist in the labs of a place like GE saying something like, "We worked on that idea years ago, but it wasn't commercially viable.  We're just working on our own ideas."

Taking time to do the paperwork can actually save your life's work.

Think about it

Do you have an idea you should take time to protect?

Clip from: Innovation and Invention with Michael Novak

Washington, DC and around the world:  What drives people to challenge the status quo? go out into the unknown? try to create things that have never been seen before? Why do these people work so hard and stretch so far? Everybody talks about them, saying things like, "Crazy!" "They'll kill themselves."  "They're in a world of their own."  Yet, these daring people, driven by principles and dreams, are changing our world for the better.

We turned to scholar, Michael Novak, of the American Enterprise Institute for insights.  Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world. And, it is.


Ruth Ellen Miller, Co-founder

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Seaford, DE 19973

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Office: 3026289933

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1990

Protect Your Ideas

MICHAEL: Almost every business, almost every industry in America is based on patents, on discoveries. That's a source of wealth, and that's what I call capitalism, the mind centered system. It's a system which sees the wealth that there is in creation and invention and discovery. So all over America there are people trying to earn patents.

HATTIE: This is the new look of light and what you see represents a technology breakthrough.

JACK MILLER: (Voiceover) It really is a quantum jump to go from lightbulbs to fiber optics and I see fiber optics as the lighting product of the future. We got this photon approaching a lens surface at an angle.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Jack and Ruth Ellen Miller hold over 100 patents. They launched their company, NoUVIR, in 1990 and today its systems are found lighting Thomas Jefferson's handwritten draft of the Declaration of Independence. Marilyn Monroe's white subway dress from the 'Seven Year Itch', Faberge Eggs and great art in dozens of museums around the country. NoUVIR builds highly specialized lighting products specifically developed for museums and it has succeeded at a establishing a new standard for lighting. The light has no ultraviolet energy and no infrared energy. Thus, the source of the company's name, no UV, and no IR.

JACK: And now I've got so many patents, the patent lawyers started hiring us as expert consultants in patent litigation. In the NoUVIR product line, which comprises the projector, and it is really a system itself, and all of the different luminaries that go on the ends of the fibers. We have 16 issued US patents.

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