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Key Idea: Find Courage to Act

Ken Duncan knew he could work for others and have a steady stream of business but his assignments would not be the ones he could get excited about.  He launched out on his own to take and sell the pictures that truly inspire him.

Key Question:


We believe that courage is the difference between leaders and followers. Period. Michael admitted to us, although his comments didn't make it into the program due to our tight time restrictions, he would have liked to have acted as Henry Luce did. In 1922, at the age of twenty-three, Luce quit his job and raised $86,000 to launch a new publication called TIME Magazine.

Q:  Where does courage come from?

A deep inner knowing of one's self and a confidence that no matter what happens -- win or lose, succeed or fail -- you can cope with the results. You can pick yourself up if you fail and you can manage the growth if you succeed.

Dave Milly, founder of Theatrical Lighting, told us that to others it may seem that he is a big risk taker. But in reality, he is a calculated risk taker. He gathers information and based upon every piece of data he can gather, he makes a decision and prepares himself to deal with the results.

The name of our corporation is, Flying Leap. This is because one has to take a flying leap to start a business out of thin air and one has to keep doing this to move ahead.

Our families were both Christian and we have imbibed those traditions. We believe we know where we came from and where we are going so no decision we make will be debilitating.

Michael Novak reminds us that our founding fathers believed that, "Providence is on the side of liberty."

We translate that in our own lives to say that we believe that Providence is on the side of good ideas that make better the lives of people. If we get an idea that will solve a problem or improve a situation, we should find the courage inside of us and act! We should not wait for others. If we have the idea, maybe we are the only person in the universe who has been given this idea. If we don't do it, it might never happen.

Providence is calling us and Providence will guide and protect and even bless us.

Think about it

If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt to achieve?

Clip from: Innovation and Invention with Michael Novak

Washington, DC and around the world:  What drives people to challenge the status quo? go out into the unknown? try to create things that have never been seen before? Why do these people work so hard and stretch so far? Everybody talks about them, saying things like, "Crazy!" "They'll kill themselves."  "They're in a world of their own."  Yet, these daring people, driven by principles and dreams, are changing our world for the better.

We turned to scholar, Michael Novak, of the American Enterprise Institute for insights.  Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world. And, it is.

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Find Courage to Act

HATTIE: So are we as business people called to courage?

MICHAEL: Of course. And people who have the wit and even the desire, but not the courage, can't do it. But if you don't have the courage, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So courage is a very important component of business.

HATTIE: We all know plenty of entrepreneurs who ventured and gained. By inventing new products, these brave souls created a new niche. Forced an old product to take a back seat. Raised the bar or startled the world with something brand new.

KEN DUNCAN: (Voiceover) But for me, life's an adventure, not creating little comfort, you know, ponds, because I don't believe they stay comfortable. They just sort of -- they lock you. One thousand, two thousand.

HATTIE: It took three years for Ken Duncan to take the panoramic photographs found in his book 'America Wide'.

KEN: When I grow old, I don't want to say, `If only I had've.' I want to say, `Well, I gave it a go and, man, that was a real adventure, I've got to tell you.' If I fail or succeed, it doesn't matter, because at least I gave it a go.

MICHAEL: There's a notion of Judaism and Christianity that there's progress and decline and it's the vocation of Jews and Christians to build up the Kingdom of God. To be ready for the coming of the Messiah for Jews and for Christians, believing that the Messiah has come, to make ready for the second coming and to make a world of greater justice, of love and truth to the best of our ability.

HATTIE: Which requires action and doing and getting up every day and trying.

MICHAEL: And millions of people doing that. Millions of people getting up everyday and trying to change the world, at least a little bit, in their little part. That's not universal among religions, but you do find it wherever there are Jews and Christians. And so, as our founders thought, this is the work of providence. Providence is on the side of liberty. God made men and women to make them free. Jefferson said, he was not so much of a believer, but Jefferson said, the God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.

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