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Last Update: Monday April 6, 2020

Key Idea: Sell From The Inside Out

Host Hattie Bryant helps us understand how a few high achievers do what they want to do where they want to do it.

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Confidence and courage come from knowledge and experience.  The men and women you meet in this episode are knowledge workers on steroids. Or you might say, extreme intellects.

Q:  What are these people really selling?

A:  Insight. Experience. Wisdom. We said the information revolution has become the knowledge revolution and that it is time to move on to an insight revolution and that only happens by going within. Bud said, "I do a lot of thinking." Right. Most people at work don't think too much. There's an automatic pilot mode and that is necessary in many companies. We need employees who offer services that require a pattern to be followed. We need employees who make products and in doing so follow an established set of procedures. These important jobs create order out of chaos and produce profits for businesses.

What is the life-style of most American workers today, though? Sociologists agree, Americans are frazzled. We work hard, we play hard, we spend more than we earn to build big houses. Every single person who is old enough to drive seems to have their own wheels. And, garages are so full of accumulated stuff, the cars have to be parked on the streets. This is all fine for the average person but this kind of life won't get you to the place we discover Bud, Bruce and Ron to be in. And Joel Green doesn't give a flip about going anywhere. He told us he likes nothing better than going three or four days without starting up his car.

The external stimulus so many seem to thrive on may not be the best drug for success. We suggest here that by going inside you'll discover your well of insight and this will increase your value to your employees, your customers and your family .

Think about it

What do you think? What changes can you make to free yourself to spend more time thinking? Who in your organization needs more think time?

Clip from: Home Alone - 17+ Million Sole Proprietors (USA)

In search of an endless summer

Bend, Dallas, San Diego and Santa Fe: In this episode of the show, we take a look at nine people who work and live within the same physical space. It has its own special challenges. 

We seem to be making the circle, back to a pre-industrial lifestyle, but with knowledge tools -- the integration of broadcasting, information (technology), communications, education and publishing -- that challenge us to look deep within ourselves to craft and sculpt our unique gifts to give back to the world.

There are about 17 million sole proprietors in just the USA; they are all unique and most have returned home to work.

We all must prepare today for the invevitable tomorrows.

Small Business Owners Everywhere in the world, We all will exit our business someday.

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Sell From The Inside Out

HATTIE: In 1979 when I started my business, I officed at home. My initial goal was to keep overhead low, but as I worked that way, I realized there are lots of reasons to work at home. My favorite reason, zero commute time. Just imagine what we could accomplish if we could make productive all those human resource hours wasted and frustrated in commuting. What could we accomplish if we could save all the wear and tear on our vehicles and cut down our energy consumption. What else could we have been doing with those dollars. Surely we can be making ever more perfect workspaces within our homes. Home offices are especially springing up in high rises throughout the cities of the world. That's even better. It preserves more of our open spaces, reduces urban sprawl and aggregates more business resources within walking distance. So let's come full circle. The information revolution has become the knowledge revolution. Let's move on to an insight revolution and most of that will happen by going within, not by running out and about.

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