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Key Idea: Develop Relationships To Disintermediate Location

Ron Bowman works surrounded by art and ocean views. 

Key Question:


Greg, Brett, Bud and Ron all indicated that they have paid their dues to build important and strong relationships.  The people they know buy from them and refer them to others.

  What do we mean by the word, disintermediate.

A:  It means to make irrelevant. There was a time when the top three concerns for any business was location, location, location. Today that is not true. While location helps a retailer, location is not enough. You must have the right products and the right people to deliver great service.

Bud has spent 40 years in the field of compensation and 24 of those years in New York City. He has built relationships which make the location of his office irrelevant. He is the best at what he does so the media call him for his insight. He is the global expert on the topic. There is no need for him to be in an office in the Wall Street area of New York City even though all of his writing is about the compensation of executives who lead publicly traded companies.

Ron said he has a manager running his properties and that relationship disintermediates the need for Ron to be in Kansas. Like Bud, Ron has worked in his field for decades. For those who are able and willing to work on relationships, the rewards are freeing. While others have to show up at a particular office building a certain number of hours per week to achieve a result, these business owners have put into place strong relationships making the need to show up in person anywhere irrelevant.

Think about it

If you would like to run a business from home, what relationships do you need to put in place? If your home-based business isn't making enough money, what relationships do you need to increase sales?

Clip from: Home Alone - 17+ Million Sole Proprietors (USA)

In search of an endless summer

Bend, Dallas, San Diego and Santa Fe: In this episode of the show, we take a look at nine people who work and live within the same physical space. It has its own special challenges. 

We seem to be making the circle, back to a pre-industrial lifestyle, but with knowledge tools -- the integration of broadcasting, information (technology), communications, education and publishing -- that challenge us to look deep within ourselves to craft and sculpt our unique gifts to give back to the world.

There are about 17 million sole proprietors in just the USA; they are all unique and most have returned home to work.

We all must prepare today for the invevitable tomorrows.

Small Business Owners Everywhere in the world, We all will exit our business someday.

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Develop Relationships To Disintermediate Location

HATTIE: Got some good weather today. Well Ron, how do you get anything done in here, look at this view. (Voiceover) Also our neighbor Ron Bowman, runs his real estate enterprise from his magnificent home.

So you never found a home office to be a detriment to building a business?

RON BOWMAN: No. It's not a detriment but you sure get involved sometimes and you, sometimes you want to get away from it a little more. So you may, have to take a long weekend or something to get away from the office. I've got stuff scattered throughout the Midwest. I've got 560 apartments in Manhattan, Kansas. I've got 150,000 feet of commercial space in Kansas City that's a medical building, an office building. I've got quick shops up in Omaha and other stuff strung around the Midwest. The only way that you could leave that and manage everything from California now is due to the Internet, due to email, due to the fax machine. I can sit here and do almost anything I could do there.

I can send my manager out and he can take digital pictures and email them to me if we've got a specific problem that I need to look at. They can email me a document and I can print off an original document and sign it and maybe overnight it back. And I've found I can do business here just as easy as what I could when I was in Kansas and maybe less time than what it took to get the documents across town than what it does to get it from California to there.

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