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Key Idea: Know Yourself

Making a business work from home takes discipline, drive, brains and more than anything, a willingness to study yourself and find the thing to do that most resonates for you personally. Greg Steckler loves designing homes, he loves logs, he loves the outdoors, and he loves working from his log home miles from others.

Key Question:


Understand yourself so well that you choose the right path.   Greg Steckler  re-invent himself to be able to do what he is doing today.

He said he fell in love with computers and when that happened, he "hung up the chain saw and traded it in for a monitor and a keyboard." Greg is typical of the men and women we know who have created plenty of cash from a home-based business. They know themselves well enough to know that they can't do work they can't be excited about. We hear the word, "love" all the time. Owners say: I love my work. I love my customers. I love what I do. If you can't imagine saying that, don't even think about working from your home.

It's hard to remember when we all didn't have a personal computer but in light of history, it was just a few seconds ago that we were all doing our work without a computer. Greg knew himself and was in touch with his real feelings at the time he got his first computer. He was confident that he could migrate his construction customers to his log home plan business.

  What can you do to learn more about yourself?

Go to a career counselor or take some tests like the Johnson O'Conner or The Flanagan Aptitude Classification Test. We do not believe in the theory that any person can set their mind to any task and succeed. We believe in finding your strengths and going with them. The web site of the Johnson O'Conner Research Foundation says, "Aptitudes are natural talents, special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things. Manual dexterity, musical ability, spatial visualization, and memory for numbers are examples of such aptitudes. In a comprehensive battery of tests available only through the Foundation, these and many other aptitudes are measured. These measured traits are highly stable over long-term periods."

We have personal experience with the Johnson O'Conner as it helped to save our niece. She was determined to become a hairdresser because she had been styling hair since she was a child. Her father would hear nothing of it and sent her off to college where she slept through most of her classes for two years. We suggested the testing and it showed her father that his daughter has natural aptitude at working with her hands. Today she makes plenty of money, works her own hours as a hairdresser and is a wife and terrific mother to her two daughters.

There are many web sites which offer some free guidance. I just went to the University of Missouri on the web and took a test. I found out that I am doing what I am good at. I am selling, editing, writing, and teaching. I also discovered that I would be good at being a probation officer and a Rabbi. In fact, I was shocked at the list of potential occupations the test produced for me. 

Think about it

Do you know yourself well enough to be confident you are spending time on the best career path? Are you in an industry where you enjoy the people? Do you have the gifts to be the best in your chosen field?

Clip from: Home Alone - 17+ Million Sole Proprietors (USA)

In search of an endless summer

Bend, Dallas, San Diego and Santa Fe: In this episode of the show, we take a look at nine people who work and live within the same physical space. It has its own special challenges. 

We seem to be making the circle, back to a pre-industrial lifestyle, but with knowledge tools -- the integration of broadcasting, information (technology), communications, education and publishing -- that challenge us to look deep within ourselves to craft and sculpt our unique gifts to give back to the world.

There are about 17 million sole proprietors in just the USA; they are all unique and most have returned home to work.

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Know Yourself

In the Studio

HATTIE: Hi. I'm Hattie Bryant. If you work for yourself or if you think you might want to someday, stay with us for the next few minutes. This show is all about starting and growing a business. Typically we take you to a business and give you a chance to learn from one owner, however, today you'll meet several who all have one thing in common -- they go home to work. Prior to the industrial revolution we were farmers, shopkeepers, craftsmen and we worked where we lived. The farmer on the land, the shopkeeper above her shop. After the industrial revolution we started going to work for other people and we left home. Well, now we're staying home. We're returning to our old ways, but with new tools. So we can be anywhere at anytime without leaving home.

(Voiceover) The first time we took you to home-based companies we went off road in central Oregon and found Greg Steckler, owner of Log Rhythms.

GREG STECKLER: Good morning. Good morning.

HATTIE: Well you must be Greg.

GREG: I am.

HATTIE: I thought I was never going to get here.

GREG: Come on in and take a look. I worked for 18 years out of my truck as a log home general contractor, and although that was very enjoyable it was time to do other things and I fell in love with computers about 4 years ago and wow. I hung up the chainsaw and traded it in for a monitor and a keyboard. Come on over Hattie, I'd like you to meet Kevin Taylor. Kevin, this is Hattie.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) In the middle of 45 acres and surrounded by the Bureau of Land Management, Greg and his one employee produce plans for log homes. The growth and client demand forced Greg to move into traditional offices in town.

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