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Last Update: Thursday June 17, 2021

Key Idea: Form Informal Partnerships

Host Hattie Bryant says that all of the growing companies in this episode are involved in building the community as a whole. More...

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Las Cruces was ranked by Forbes magazine as the number one small metro area to do business. This doesn't happen without a coalition of the business community and government agencies and departments working together.

Q: What might you do to strengthen your own local economy?

Join. Be part of the action. Thinking that somebody else should work on the area while you work on your business won't work. Most every episode of Small Business School is about business people who put their shoulder to the plow for their community.

Think about it

What are you doing now for your community? What results are you seeing? What could you do to achieve greater results?

Clip from: Job Creation In New Mexico

Meet Linda Brewer of Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City.

Southwestern, New Mexico: In this episode of the show, we go into New Mexico as guests of the Chamber of Commerce of Las Cruces and Silver City. When we asked them, "What is your biggest business problem?" both said "Job creation." Yet, when we asked, "Are there businesses that are creating jobs?" over 100 businesses were recommended!

So, we asked practically every business advocate in the State of New Mexico,  "Would you take a look at this list and tell us who would you'd like to represent your state on national television?" It quickly became apparent that any  businesses from that list of 100 would have been fine.

In this episode we visit with five businesses and try to learn why they are being so successful in creating work for others. 

We learned a lot.  

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Form Informal Partnerships

HATTIE: While economic development directors in every state and big city in the US are busy targeting the Fortune 1000, flying around the country and even the world to convince a big business to build a plant in their community, we believe communities are better served when they truly adopt Harvard Professor Michael Porter's ideas of community capitalism.

Professor Porter says that community capitalism happens when for-profit, business-driven expansion creates jobs and economic opportunities in distressed communities. This is the case in New Mexico because of the strong partnership that exists between the business community, the economic development offices, non-profits such as the Chamber of Commerce and local governments.
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