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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Recruit an Insider

Chris Ham and his partners in TMC Design built a thriving and highly-technical business serving the military and the communications industry. More...

Key Question:


TMC Design has been successful very fast because the founders recruited a customer. They have bid on 63 projects and won 61. Yes they target and yes they have a niche but getting the foot in the door is easier if the person going in knows the lay of the land. In 1997, Leroy Gomez retired from working for the government as an electrical engineer. He was one of the people who would buy what TMC now sells. Perfect. He knows the people, the buzz language and even what the competitor's bids look like. Chris and Troy offered Leroy ownership in the company and Leroy's wife told him he was too young to sit around the house. Today the trio of owners see growth on the horizon.

Q: What are the pitfalls of giving ownership as a recruiting strategy?

A: There are horror stories but this one is happy so far. Partnerships are like marriages. You can have a stack of legal documents explaining the nature of the relationship that spells out all the details and even lays out an exit strategy. But, we all know that a happy marriage is not about the marriage license. It is about respect and trust. Troy and Chris like and trust Leroy. They had done business together in the past. They all graduated from New Mexico State's School of Engineering They had the same teachers, learned the same things, cheered for the same football team.

In addition, Troy and Chris are humble men who know what they don't know.

Think about it

Do you have a customer you can hire? Do you have someone inside an organization you can steal away? Remember that big companies can't offer what you can offer. And, remember that retired people today are too young to sit at home.

Clip from: Job Creation In New Mexico

Meet Linda Brewer of Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City.

Southwestern, New Mexico: In this episode of the show, we go into New Mexico as guests of the Chamber of Commerce of Las Cruces and Silver City. When we asked them, "What is your biggest business problem?" both said "Job creation." Yet, when we asked, "Are there businesses that are creating jobs?" over 100 businesses were recommended!

So, we asked practically every business advocate in the State of New Mexico,  "Would you take a look at this list and tell us who would you'd like to represent your state on national television?" It quickly became apparent that any  businesses from that list of 100 would have been fine.

In this episode we visit with five businesses and try to learn why they are being so successful in creating work for others. 

We learned a lot.  

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TMC Design Corporation (TC)

Troy Scoughton, Owner

4325 Del Rey Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88004

Visit our web site:

Office: 5055244225

Business Classification:
Information Services

Year Founded:

Recruit an Insider

LEROY GOMEZ: (Voiceover) We have 53 employees, not all of them here in Las Cruces, but we're hiring employees. And we're providing an economic base that's helping the area and the county and the state of New Mexico.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Leroy Gomez, Chris Ham and Troy Scoughton are owners of TMC Design, a fast-growing company based in Las Cruces. They primarily design and build custom systems used by the military for electronic warfare.

CHRIS HAM: This is one of the modulator circuit cards that we design and build that goes into a signal generator box that we build for the Air Force.

TROY SCOUGHTON: This is a typical monopole antenna. It's just like you have on your car. This is a dish antenna. This is a horn antenna. That one in the corner over there up on the wall, that's a big log periodic antenna.
Let's pick this up first. (Voiceover) Without boring you with all the technical details about this, what it does is allows our customers to specify exactly what they want to do... So these are 5/16ths. (Voiceover) ...and exactly... Fine thread inserts. (Voiceover) ...what characteristics they wish to have, and we can build an antenna to meet those characteristics.

CHRIS: The hardest thing was putting together the infrastructure and the company that could manage the growth. We've been successful 61 out of 63 proposals, which is pretty unheard of. (Voiceover) We target certain businesses or certain projects that we feel the most comfortable in performing and we do a real good job.


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