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Key Idea: Work Hard for the People Who Work for You

The artists who produce work for Blue Dome Gallery are treated like valued partners by the gallery owners. More...

Key Question:


Give people what they need and want to succeed.

Linda and John have created work for over twenty artists. This is their personal passion and because of it we have art that would not otherwise exist. They consider their relationship with the artists to be a sacred trust.
Q: What does Linda do to keep the shop full of beautiful work?

Everything she has to do to keep the artists happy and productive. This means understanding each individual and tailoring her communication style to match them. She knows them deeply and has great respect for them or she wouldn't be able to sell their work. Artists are not easy and we wouldn't want to trade places with Linda.

Think about it

Who works for you that you do not know deeply? What can you do to learn their "sacred story" and help them achieve their potential?  How important is it for you to build a team?  Do you love people?  Can you see the potential in people and are you patient enough to help them develop their talents?

Clip from: Job Creation In New Mexico

Meet Linda Brewer of Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City.

Southwestern, New Mexico: In this episode of the show, we go into New Mexico as guests of the Chamber of Commerce of Las Cruces and Silver City. When we asked them, "What is your biggest business problem?" both said "Job creation." Yet, when we asked, "Are there businesses that are creating jobs?" over 100 businesses were recommended!

So, we asked practically every business advocate in the State of New Mexico,  "Would you take a look at this list and tell us who would you'd like to represent your state on national television?" It quickly became apparent that any  businesses from that list of 100 would have been fine.

In this episode we visit with five businesses and try to learn why they are being so successful in creating work for others. 

We learned a lot.  

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Work Hard for the People Who Work for You

JOHN: In essence, we employ all of our artists. And we have 20 or 25 different artists, and we not only work for them, but they work for us also.

LINDA: Our business is as much about the artist as it is about their client. And I know them all personally. I can tell you their children's names, you know, what foods they like, where they travel to, and it allows me to tailor the business.

HATTIE: I mean, I'm afraid to buy art because I'm thinking, `What if it's no good? What if it's just my taste?'

LINDA: Well, you should trust your taste.

HATTIE: What else would you tell me?

LINDA: I would tell you to start with something that is intuitive that you think, `Oh, boy, I would never have that in my house and--but I like it,' and just get it. And it will start you probably on a path of discovery both for yourself and, you know, really what your tastes are because too many people look in a magazine or what's popular or what's, you know--and you really have to buy it for a lifetime. (Voiceover) You know, you'll get a much more interesting house.

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