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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Invest in Labor-Saving Equipment

At the Chowder Factory, Dylan McEntee, uses sophisticated equipment to minimize labor costs and ensure a quality product. The investment in a $70,000 piece of equipment reduced the number of employees from 7 to 3 for the same level of production.

Key Question:


Automate wherever you can.

Q: How do you stay aware of the latest technological advances in your industry and determine whether or not you should take advantage of them?

Smart business owners join their industry trade associations. They read the monthly publications, stay in touch with the website, and attend the trade shows. Here, vendors to their industry have the opportunity to buy booth space to showcase their latest innovations. There are seminars and presentations educating the business owners on the latest trends and futuristic observations relating to their industry. Finally, there is the opportunity to network with other business owners from different parts of the country who are facing the same challenges they are.

Think about it

Are you an active member of a trade association? Are you taking full advantage of the benefits your association offers?

Clip from: Mos Chowder

Newport, Oregon: Cindy McEntee came to our attention because she was the state of Oregon's Small Business Person of the Year. Then, when we looked further, we found many more awards and citations. To be selected as the study for a show, a business must come up on everyone's list as being " ... loved by their community and respected within their industry."

In this episode of the show, we continue our walk down the Main Streets of America to see how one person with a vision has transformed the town where she was born and where she has chosen to stay. Life here is so rich with the intangibles that even her children have returned to this little seaport town and are helping to build the business and family legacy.

From a little joint on a narrow little street to the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, we discover how a fisherman's hangout becomes a national treasure.

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Mo's Chowder

Mo's Chowder, A family

622 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, OR 97365

Visit our web site:

Office: 541-265-2979

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1951

Invest in Labor-Saving Equipment

HATTIE: Dylan and his team are using equipment and technology to improve productivity and to lighten the load for workers, their daily product is served in all six Mo's locations, a few restaurants and frozen for sale in grocery stores.

CINDY: This is our newest addition to our Chowder Factory. We can do now with three people, twice as much chowder with this machine.

HATTIE: As you did with seven people?

CINDY: Yes – it means revenue to me. $70,000 worth of awesome technology that I hope wasn't one of my biggest mistakes.

HATTIE: What do you think your mom does that makes her so good at running the company?

DYLAN: She gives her managers all the tools they need to work and manage their departments. I really respect her for how she has run this company. I didn't get a feel for that until I worked for General Electric.

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