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Key Idea: Be Willing to Serve

The world -- individuals and the finest restaurants -- get their oysters for Glidden Point Oysters, a small business that provides unexpected quality and service.    For more... (opens new window)

Key Question:


Glidden Point Oysters provides unexpected quality and service. You can, too. Barbara says, "We produce exceptional oysters for exceptional people." And she (with her husband/business partner, Kevin) examines, "Every step of the process..." But still, Hattie believes that she has a lot of competition. How does she stand out? She says, "I get to know my customers well. And, they get to know me."

Q: Why is this so effective?

A: Every chef Barbara sells to has different goals. By taking time to study their menus and even to understand how her oysters are presented on a plate, Barbara improves her chances of keeping that chef as a customer. Barbara knows the size, style and color of plates her oysters are presented on to diners. Stop and think about what she is really doing. Barbara is an oyster farmer but more than that, she is a key part of the supply chain of every chef with whom she does business. Barbara's hope is to be indispensable to her customers.

Business begins with creating something of value, but it is fundamentally all about building, nurturing and sustaining good relations. It is that simple because quality is only in the eyes of the customer. You must lead with quality and that quality is determined by the customers. It's not about what you think is quality; it is about what the customers think is quality.

The Scully's know oysters. Barbara and Kevin are both experts in aquaculture. Barbara has a masters in Marine Science and Kevin, with degrees from Cornell and the University of Maine, Orono, is a master of Aquacultural Genetics. With this depth of knowledge, these two can grow oysters. But to grow their business, they have had to come to know, understand and deliver quality as it is defined by their customers. 

Think about it

What value do you create for customers and employees? Have you ever asked your customers or employees why they are in a relationship with you? If so, what did they say? If not, why not?

Clip from: Marketing From A Distance - Maine to the world

One of eleven business owners in this episode

The Coast of Maine: Meet people who see the world as their marketplace. They see beyond the horizon; they know no boundaries and no borders; the world's people are their family.

In this episode of the show we meet eleven business owners who would rather live in Maine than anywhere else in the world. They are seasoned travelers who, after touring the world, decided to stay in Maine and make it their home and build their legacy.

Every person in this episode is committed to their community. They are active in their local Chamber and they are driven to make their community and our world a better place.  
And, we could go to every village, city and town in the world and find people like the people you meet here.  
These are the quiet heroes. Many are new pioneers. They charter new waters and break new grounds. They all create unique products and services and sell them around the world. They are volunteers, the value creators, the movers, the shakers, the doers, and the lovers of life. We can learn a lot from these hardworking, decent folks.

Glidden Point Oysters

Barb Scully, CEO

707 River Road
Edgecomb, ME 04566

Visit our web site:

Office: 207.633.3599

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1987

Be Willing to Serve

BARBARA SCULLY: (Voiceover) We loved the quality of life in Maine, and we knew that we wanted to live here and eventually raise a family here.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Barbara Scully is an owner of Glidden Point Oyster Company. Founded in 1987, she and her husband raise oysters to the specifications of America's most demanding chefs.

BARBARA: (Voiceover) We produce exceptional oysters for exceptional people. I wanted to target the high-end customer who wanted to have the choice of being able to buy the best.

(Voiceover) Every step of the process, right from working with the seed through how we harvest and how we handle them after we harvest, how we sort them and wash them and pack them, everything that we do here produces an oyster of exceptional flavor and exceptional quality.

HATTIE: So, Barbara, why do people buy your oysters when they could buy a zillion other kinds of oysters?

BARBARA: Well, it's customer service is what it is, and it's being done in all the other aspects of other industries, but it's not very commonly done in the seafood industry. I get to know my customers very well.

(Voiceover) And they get to know me. I do have an Internet site. I do direct mail. My marketing scheme is actually reputation. I had a customer come to Maine to my little retail facility at my home, and he bought six or eight dozen oysters to bring up with him, and he told me that he had first had Glidden Point oysters in a restaurant in Hawaii near his home.

BARBARA: I mean, that's one of the biggest compliments of all is when, especially on the West Coast, when there are so many other types of oysters readily available, when yours is one of the ones that is highlighted on someone's menu.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) That's a very big compliment.

BARBARA: Like I said, it's quality and attention to detail and service. It's all those things that go into making my product worth having.

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