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Key Idea: Get Yourself a Big Goal

Albert's mission is to create jobs and make the American Dream possible for his employees. The American Dream he talks about is ownership. He wants employees to own stock in the company, to become what he calls a 20% saver, to go to college and build happy, productive lives.   More...

Key Question:


Have a big goal that is not about you.  Albert is fired up to help people, not to get rich himself.

Q: How is Albert helping his employees achieve their goals?

A:  Albert says employees at On Target get educational rewards, psychological rewards, and, financial rewards. He teaches employees how to run a business from the inside out, for example, they learn about revenue streams and expenses. Employees feel good working at On Target because Albert nurtures people and encourages them. And, Albert pays above industry standard. He helps them save by matching their savings in a retirement program and he pays for their college education.

Q:  Why must the mission of a company be big?

A: Because starting and running a business is so hard. Nobody does it just for the money. You have to feel you are making a difference in people's lives. You have invented or product or service that people will not only pay for, but whose lives will be made better by it.

The mission is the reason behind the work. This mission is what you have to focus on when you hit obstacles that seem insurmountable. Andy is glad he can show people the city from the Charles River; but, he is motivated and inspired to keep on keeping on because he is teaching people about the greatest government in the history of civilization.

Here at the Small Business School, we've studied many successful small businesses. We always ask the business owners about their motivation for starting and operating the business. No one has ever told us they started their own business because they wanted to make a lot of money and that they operate their business to make as much money as possible. Instead, we hear time and time again that small business owners believe if they have a good plan and execute it well and fairly, the money, well it just comes.

Michael Novak, the theologian-in-residence at the American Enterprise Institute told us that there is a difference between self-interest and greed and that self-interest is good but greed is bad. Bill was not being greedy when he came to Pat with a great idea to expand Mickey Finn's. He was interested in being an owner of Mickey Finn's and making it prosperous enough to support two owners and many more employees. Bill was interested in working in Libertyville and making friends and working to improve the entire historic business district.

What are you interested in? What are you trying to accomplish in your business? If you are motivated to provide a high level of customer service, to produce a quality product, to establish a nurturing environment for your employees, then that's your self-interest. That's what is important to you. That's not greed because greed is gluttony and avarice, the motivation to improve one's own lot without any consideration for others. Self-interest, on the other hand, is our passion, what motivates us, why we start our own businesses and make successes out of them.

Think about it

Is your goal really big enough to inspire you?  How does your goal look compared to Albert's? 

Clip from: On Target Supplies & Logistics

Dallas: This is the story of Albert Black and his company, On Target Supplies & Logistics.  It is also about miracles where people are transformed; they learn about financial statements, become economically independent of debt, start serious savings, capture the power of principal-and-interest, and discover their deep-seated talents and gifts.   That's enough, but there's more.

You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results! This hard-nosed, well-grounded visionary lives, breathes, and acts on his two most basic faith statements, then asks for 100% and gives 125%.
Albert is a servant to his church and faith, his family, his employees, his community and his country.

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On Target Supplies & Logisitcs

Albert Black, CEO

1133 South Madison
Dallas, TX 75208

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Distribution, office supplies

Year Founded: 1988

Get Yourself a Big Goal

ALBERT: I think we should approach the future with a degree of optimism that says that we have to find the next growth curve in whatever industry we want to be a part of. We have to make sure that we put those factors of production together. We have to make sure that we train labor to take a look at the future and embrace it, as you would say. We have to make sure that we are prepared by making sure that we've saved, we've invested properly in order to finance the future. I think that we also have to make sure that we've got our proper place and understand where it is in the communities that we're a part of; that we have some sort of equity with our customers in the communities that we're a part of so that they will do fluent thinking with us and help create that future that none of us know what it is.

ALBERT: I think my purpose is to build a business and to do those things that I think God would have us do: hire people, improve infrastructure, pay taxes, provide leadership and get rich along the way.

ALBERT: For the first time, we're managing wealth. On Target works. Right now it's an extremely profitable company that is producing wealth not only for the principal shareholders, but it's producing wealth for our management team that is now receiving options on equity and becoming a part of the entrepreneur class themselves by buying into that American Dream.

ALBERT: I think my mother is a driver. She expected nothing but the best. She is an elitist in her own right. And she didn't think that she should expect anything but the best from her children, and that drives the way we run On Target Supplies and Logistics now. Well, I think we had to speak correctly. We had to walk correctly. We had to have good posture. We had to be clean. We had to make the best grades in school. We had to look at ourselves as champions of whatever cause we're a part of. We lived in the ghetto, but my mother wouldn't permit us to think that way.

She used to say, "You may live in the ghetto, but you're not ghetto material. And I won't stand for you acting that way." The character, whatever character that I may be able to have, was formed by my grandmother... to treat people with passion, Christian passion; to always look out, as she would say, for the other fellow; to do what you say you're going do; to take care of others before you take care of yourself; to tell the truth; to love and expect to be loved; to put God first, your family second and everything else somewhere after that.

HATTIE: (in the studio) As small business owners we can't compete for the top graduates from the top schools. So like Albert, we have to teach, preach, coach and counsel and truly believe that people are good. That people have potential. That people want to learn and grow. Like Albert has done, if you learn to grow the people who have joined you on your path, those people will grow the business.

We'll see you next time.

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