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Key Idea: Establish a Board of Advisors

John Castle is one of Dallas' leading executives.  He serves on the board of On Target and he has become one of Albert Black's key mentors.

Key Question:


Form a board to surround yourself with veteran business leaders.

Albert is not going it alone. He has a board of advisors and a board of directors. The board of advisors is made up of customers while the board of directors is a group Albert expects to be tough on him.

When Albert met John Castle, Albert called him and asked if they could go to lunch. After the two had developed a friendship, John suggested to Albert that On Target needed a board of directors. Albert agreed and asked John to chair the board. Two or three times a year, Albert meets with his board of directors. He, as the Japanese would say, opens the Kimono. Albert shares the financials and every detail of his business with the board. He listens as people he trusts gives him their best thinking.

Where would you be in your life and in your business if you had several mentors guiding you through the rough waters?

People who do extraordinary things in life have mentors. Parents start us out, but, we need others. When you see a person you want to be like, find a way to get to know them. Ask them questions--people are flattered, not offended and are usually glad to give advice.

Think about it

Do you have a board of directors?  Do you have a board of advisors?  If not, why not?  Who would serve on your ideal board of directors?  What do you have to do to have that board working for you?

Clip from: On Target Supplies & Logistics

Dallas: This is the story of Albert Black and his company, On Target Supplies & Logistics.  It is also about miracles where people are transformed; they learn about financial statements, become economically independent of debt, start serious savings, capture the power of principal-and-interest, and discover their deep-seated talents and gifts.   That's enough, but there's more.

You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results! This hard-nosed, well-grounded visionary lives, breathes, and acts on his two most basic faith statements, then asks for 100% and gives 125%.
Albert is a servant to his church and faith, his family, his employees, his community and his country.

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Establish a Board of Advisors

JOHN CASTLE: I think Albert was smart because he knows that often business is about relationship. It's about people doing business with people.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) John Castle, an officer at EDS, serves as Albert's board chairman.

.JOHN: One thing I found very attractive about Albert when we had lunch, is he has an attitude: I want to learn. The role we play is a sounding board. Albert brings to us his ideas, his strategies, and we give him our perspective on what he's saying. And often it's a different perspective than what we've seen, how other companies have gone through some phases he's going through.

ALBERT: I think John Castle, who is a friend and someone that I think as an angel that has flown into my Christian life--he advised the board of directors. He felt that On Target was getting into the "serious" business arena. Once we got over the $10 million mark, he felt that our strategic direction needed a little bit more challenge, a little bit more balance, a little bit more experience added to it.

JOHN: He's very open with us, and, again, that's Albert's attitude about, `I want to learn more.'


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