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Key Idea: Volunteer

Albert Black unwittingly discovered that his volunteer work increased his sales.

Key Question:


Volunteer to serve on the boards of important charities.

Q:  Why is volunteering to work with a non-profit organization good for the soul and also such a good marketing technique?

Albert gives of himself because he loves people and loves life. Yet, when you want to sell something, it is difficult to know who actually has the checkbook! When you work on a good cause, you will meet people who will often tell you who they know and who might possibly be your next customers. Albert worked with the Chamber of Commerce and when he received an award for service, John Castle was present at the event. Today, John Castle is on Albert's board. John also leads EDS, one of the country's largest companies, and as you might guess, EDS is now one of Albert's customers, too.

Basic business research indicates why Albert's business is thriving. He has been able to overcome the top three obstacles facing small businesses today:
Lack of money/access to capital.
Limited cash flow.
Finding qualified people who work well in an entrepreneurial environment.

Think about it

Clip from: On Target Supplies & Logistics

Dallas: This is the story of Albert Black and his company, On Target Supplies & Logistics.  It is also about miracles where people are transformed; they learn about financial statements, become economically independent of debt, start serious savings, capture the power of principal-and-interest, and discover their deep-seated talents and gifts.   That's enough, but there's more.

You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results! This hard-nosed, well-grounded visionary lives, breathes, and acts on his two most basic faith statements, then asks for 100% and gives 125%.
Albert is a servant to his church and faith, his family, his employees, his community and his country.

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On Target Supplies & Logisitcs

Albert Black, CEO

1133 South Madison
Dallas, TX 75208

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Office: 214-941-4885

Business Classification:
Distribution, office supplies

Year Founded: 1988


HATTIE (Voiceover): Albert has served in many capacities at the Chamber of Commerce including the President of the chamber board. Spending time with other business leaders informally has been important and in addition Albert has a high powered Board of Directors and Board of Advisors who offer guidance.

ALBERT: (During meeting) Mr. Chairman, Small Business Resource Council is running and functioning properly.

ALBERT: The approach that On Target decided to take, as a business strategy, was to get involved in communities, to get involved with leadership and providing leadership for the non-profit organizations in and around town.

ALBERT: We thought volunteering for those non-profit organization would give us the type of exposure, give us the type of connectivity and network. While doing real good for the city of Dallas, we would be able to make business friends that eventually we could call on and get their corporate business.

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