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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Key Idea: Be Grateful. Be Happy. Get Inspired.

We hear people all the time echoing Sohrab's comment, "I didn't start the business because of money. I started because I loved what I was doing." And after 20 years, he still jumps out of bed excited to go to work that morning.

Key Question:


Sell everything you can, put yourself on a tiny budget then go out and make a sale.  That's what Sohrab did and that is the way most owners get started.

Q: How do we keep the fun in our business lives?

As Sohrab said, there will always be challenges and there will always be problems. Meeting those challenges and solving those problems is a game to most of us. And games are fun! When we succeed, we create value. Value for our customers, our employees, and ourselves. The money is a byproduct of that value and it is both necessary and great to have. But the money is never the rush, the rush is always in the value. 

Think about it

Do you still get the rush? Are you still having fun? We hope the answer is a resounding Yes! If not, can you recapture the enthusiasm you had when you started your business?

Clip from: Ziba Design - Be well. Do it well. Then Do It Even Better.

Sohrab Vossoughi and his people seek a higher perfection.

Portland, Oregon:  "Be well. Do it well. Then, do it even better"  drives this industrial design firm. These creative perfectionists have come from all over the globe to work side-by-side with this man pictured above, Sohrab Vossoughi.  They want to be part of a team that can make a difference in this world and in their life.

"Strive for simplicity, innovation, human-centered interaction, visual interest, and efficiency." This is the calling card not just of a design firm; it is a calling card for all businesses for the future.

Ziba Design, Inc.

Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder, CEO

334 NW 11th Street
Portland, OR 97209

Visit our web site:

Office: 503.223.9606

Business Classification:
Design, Invention,

Year Founded: 1991

Be Grateful. Be Happy. Get Inspired.

SOHRAB: Anything you make, you put back into the business. That's what I used to do. For the first six months, I didn't take a single dime out of the business.

We had our savings; we got rid of the house, we lived with one car, we did everything – you sacrifice.

There is a saying back home in Persia that says, “For one year you eat bread and water – then you can eat bread and butter for the next ten years.”

HATTIE: How does that sound in Farsi?

SOHRAB: (translation in Farsi)

HATTIE: Okay, so if I eat bread and water for a year and then for 10 years you eat bread and butter. Meaning that you have got to really sacrifice – it is hard at the beginning. If you want to really make it – you have to sacrifice.

SIA: Most people who come from another country recognize the opportunities that this country offers. And basically, we recognize how easy it is to start you own business, to grow your own business and to basically be successful over here.

SOHRAB: We have a lot of foreign nationals here within Ziba -- over 17 different nationalities – and I have heard from many of them because we sit down and talk. Someone said, “This is immigrant syndrome.” I ask, “What is immigrant syndrome?”

They say, “You know what opportunity is in this country, because you have a frame of reference.”

Truly, this is the land of opportunity. There is no question about it – I can attest to it. This is the land of opportunity. If you work hard and if you really have integrity and be honest, you can do a lot.

People ask me, “What gives you inspiration?” I say, “Everything.”

I am walking around, I look at the floor, I see a pattern, I see a design, I see a writing, I see a shape. And that could be the answer for a problem I have been trying to solve for a long time. So, looking for answers in everything is very important and then being able to see it. And every time you have a different problem you look at the same thing – you see a different answer.

I didn't start the business because of money. I started because I loved what I was doing and I started to have so much more that I can offer and that I can do for people. I can use my creativity and my talent for different things. I can't wait to get up in the morning and come to work. After 17 years, it's still fun. With all the problems and the things – because there are always problems - I love challenge. Everything that happens, every obstacle that comes up, every issue that comes up at Ziba, I look at as a challenge and a problem to solve. And that is our business – we are problem solvers.


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