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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Key Idea: Deliver On Time and On Budget

At Ziba, every project has two managers. One manages the work that has to be done and the other manages the customer relationship.

Key Question:


Measure what you expect to see happen.  At Zbia there are two managers per project.  One is measuring design progress and the other is measuring how the design will fill the customer's needs while keeping tabs on the project costs.

Q: In our own businesses, how can we strike that balance between doing what we do best and staying focused on meeting the customer's need?

A: Flexibility is key. Two different customers who want the same product or service from us do not want it for exactly the same reason. Count on it. Is what we are selling for internal use or for resale by the customer? Is it integral to our customer's business or ancillary? If we sell to consumers, is our product necessary or considered a luxury item? How long will our product or service last before it needs to be re-purchased? Are there opportunities for multiple sales to one customer? Could our customers repurchase our products or services as a gift to others? Knowing the answers to these questions during both the sales and production processes will empower you to tweak your product or service to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Knowing why your customer is buying from you is just as important as knowing what he is buying. If you don't know how your customers use your product or service, find out! It will only make you better.

Think about it

Do you keep your promises to customers?  Where are the bottlenecks?  When and why do you experience cost overruns?

Clip from: Ziba Design - Be well. Do it well. Then Do It Even Better.

Sohrab Vossoughi and his people seek a higher perfection.

Portland, Oregon:  "Be well. Do it well. Then, do it even better"  drives this industrial design firm. These creative perfectionists have come from all over the globe to work side-by-side with this man pictured above, Sohrab Vossoughi.  They want to be part of a team that can make a difference in this world and in their life.

"Strive for simplicity, innovation, human-centered interaction, visual interest, and efficiency." This is the calling card not just of a design firm; it is a calling card for all businesses for the future.

Ziba Design, Inc.

Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder, CEO

334 NW 11th Street
Portland, OR 97209

Visit our web site:

Office: 503.223.9606

Business Classification:
Design, Invention,

Year Founded: 1991

Deliver On Time and On Budget

ERIC PARK: We operate with two types of contacts. This is something that we learned over time that really helps. So we have a program director and we have a project manager. In some other professional services or situations, a program director might be called an account manager. But, what differentiates the program director – at least in our minds -- from an account manager is that we have both a deep capability and experience and an appreciation of doing the work itself. That makes us actually the ones that aren't just trying to manage a relationship. We are also actually responsible for giving our clients the confidence that “Hey, Ziba can get the right job done for you and do it well.”

HATTIE: Why do you think you all are so good at what you do? What do you think are the components that cause you all to win all of these awards? That your customers keep coming back – or clients come back over and over. I mean what is it?

HENRY CHIN: Internally, we all strive for perfections. Maybe that is what it is – the quality we push in ourselves. And as a whole, we push the quality of the total of the company.

NANCY: We're not just creatives here. I think, we're creatives that think. We have very strong business sense. And that comes through in the research that we do and our strategic approach. So it's a marriage of the both. It is thinking design, it's not just doing design.

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