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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Key Idea: Improve Form and Function

Ziba wins customers because it wants the next new thing to work and to be beautiful. First, we hear from Nancy Pinney, and then Rich Fox (pictured), and then founder, Sohrab Vossoughi.

Key Question:


Ziba's designers are as concerned with the aesthetics of the customer experience as they are with the functionality of what they design. They recognize that they will only be successful if the products they design for their customers sell well to the end users. It's not enough that the product does the job; the customer has to feel good using it.

Q: How do we combine form and function in our products and services?

The obvious answer is packaging. How many of us have selected just the right color Kleenex box for the guest bathroom or matched the shade of our kitchen wallpaper with the pattern on the paper towels? Packaging does matter, and if the customer evaluates your product and your customer's as equal in functionality value and competitive in price, all that's left to base the buy decision on is the form of the alternatives. Form goes beyond mere packaging. There's the whole buying experience. If you can make the experience more attractive than your competitor's, then you have a real advantage. There's the sales process, warranty, customer service, and continuing relationship aspects, all of these offer additional opportunities to bring "form" to the sale. 

Think about it

A quality product or service is what matters most to your customer, no doubt about that. But other businesses offer the same products and services you do, so what can you do to distinguish yourself in your packaging or selling?

Clip from: Ziba Design - Be well. Do it well. Then Do It Even Better.

Sohrab Vossoughi and his people seek a higher perfection.

Portland, Oregon:  "Be well. Do it well. Then, do it even better"  drives this industrial design firm. These creative perfectionists have come from all over the globe to work side-by-side with this man pictured above, Sohrab Vossoughi.  They want to be part of a team that can make a difference in this world and in their life.

"Strive for simplicity, innovation, human-centered interaction, visual interest, and efficiency." This is the calling card not just of a design firm; it is a calling card for all businesses for the future.

Ziba Design, Inc.

Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder, CEO

334 NW 11th Street
Portland, OR 97209

Visit our web site:

Office: 503.223.9606

Business Classification:
Design, Invention,

Year Founded: 1991

Improve Form and Function

NANCY PINNEY: We are able to look at things from a very strategic point of view – looking at what the user needs from the overall experience. It's not just about holding that product or looking at that product and the aesthetic of it. It's about turning it on, using it, moving it around. How you use it, what you are using it for, what are the different users that use this and what are their particular needs.

RICH FOX: Ziba's philosophy is by looking at the entire context of how a problem is supposed to be solved or how a product exists or a service exists in the world. We can really narrow and focus what the creative activity or the creative guys are supposed to be looking at – so we're solving very specific problems.

SOHRAB: We are never satisfied with what we design. If we ever become satisfied in what we do then that's the end of us. Meaning that there is always a better way to do it. There is always a way to enhance it. You know we are against schedules, we are against budgets; but we take the budgets and the schedules that we have – the commitments we have to the client – and we do our best. But, would we be able to do better? Of course, we are always looking for a better way to do it. And, that's the way you drive yourself.

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