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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Learn How to Achieve Results

Tires Plus follows "ATE" steps to achieve desired results from employees: Delegate, Motivate, Educate,  and Terminate  is one of many continuous improvement methodologies. For more...

Key Question:


Learn when to delegate, educate, motivate and terminate.

If a person knows how to do a task and wants to do it, the leader should delegate. If the person wants to do the action but doesn't know how, the leader should educate. If the person knows how to do the task but doesn't want to take action, the leader should motivate. If the person doesn't want to do the task and the leader has tried to educate and motivate, then the leader must terminate.

Think about it

>When were you last frustrated with the performance of an employee? Can you think back about what action you took? Do you think you did the right thing now that you understand there are four choices for the leader in every coaching situation?

Clip from: Tires Plus with Tom Gegax and Don Gullet

Minneapolis: In 1978, Tom Gegax and his partner Don Gullet, bought a few gas stations and opened for business. By 1998, they had 150 tire stores with 2,000 employees generating $200 million in annual sales.

That's a good story unto itself, however, in this episode of the show, we learn from a master entrepreneur about the meaning and value of life. Tom Gegax is pulling and pushing us up the ladder. When they sold this business, he became an author. His third book, The Big Book About Small Business  builds on his first two,  By the Seat of Your Pants: The No-Nonsense Business Survival Guide, and Winning in the Game of Life.

The first editorial title for Tom's book was The Enlightened Executive. And with all these self-help books and continuous improvement cycles within our lives, enlightenment is actually breaking out all over.

Tom Gegax was a founder, the Head Coach, as well as Chairman and CEO.  In 1999 they were being courted for acquisition.  In 2000 Bridgestone/Firestone sealed the deal to buy 100% of the company.

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Learn How to Achieve Results

TOM: Yeah they do. A lot of the owners don't know when to do what action.

So, here's a quiz in each of these four things that need to be done end in "-ATE" and we'll see how you do.

The first thing, in order to know what kind of action to do when, if somebody knows how to do something and wants to, what can you do?

Now this ends in ""-ATE."

HATTIE: They know how to do it and they want to do it.

TOM: So they would do what? You can do what?

HATTIE: … the leader can delegate.

TOM: Delegate, that's right. That's the first.

The second is what if they know how to do it, but they don't want to?

HATTIE: Motivate.

TOM: Okay. What if they want to do it, but they don't know how to do it?

HATTIE: Educate. TOM: Exactly. HATTIE: Got that one.

TOM: What if they don't want to do it, don't know how to do it, and you've tried to motivate and educate?

HATTIE: Well then we have to show them that they can have another opportunity some place else.

TOM: Terminate. Or free up their future so they can do something neat in another environment. So, a lot of people don't know. Those are four key actions.

HATTIE: Guidelines.

TOM: When do I delegate? When do I educate? When do I motivate? And, when do I need to terminate?

So those are key things, and knowing the difference on when to do what is critical.

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