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Key Idea: Put Others Ahead Of Yourself

Hattie learned at Navarro that customer service starts with deep respect for other people. From their customers and their employees, the overwhelming sentiment we heard from all the Navarro's was that people, not inventory, are what matter to them.

Key Question:


Put the needs of others ahead of your own needs.  Navarro Discount Pharmacies has grown so much that it is no longer possible to know every customer by name, but the compassion and respect for their customers has not wavered.

Q: Can a business be successful without respecting its customers and its employees?

A: Not very successful and not for very long. Every business has competitors and customers have lots of choices. Employees are not indentured slaves and if they are not valued, they quickly sense that and move on. Whether you sell a service or a product, you are in a "people" business, and if you don't follow the golden rule of treating people, customers and employees, the way you would like to be treated, it is virtually impossible to be successful.

Similarly, the better you treat people, the more likely you are to be successful.

Think about it

What can you do to show more respect to your employees and your customers?

What is the goal and purpose of your life?  How is that reflected within your business?  Have you looked at the first principles of business within this website?

Clip from: Navarro Discount Pharmacies

Miami: In this city, a destination for new Spanish-speaking Americans, finding somebody who understands you, knows and feels your pain, is a seismic relief. With a profound empathy, this family's business is committed to service and to solving very big problems for their customers.

With an abiding willingness-to-serve, this family's business is one of the most profitable per square foot of any retail store in the USA. When we taped this story there were 12 locations generating $160 million in annual sales and jobs for nearly 600.

So many new medicines are announced every day, it is almost impossible for anyone to keep up. But, those new Americans with a limited command of English, and our elders who are taking multiple medicines, have special challenges.

This family has always been committed to serving their customers. Eighteen-hour days, seven-days-a-week -- whatever it took to get the job done and keep their customers in good health -- these people have done it.
In the process, they have created a first-class business.

Opened in the United States in 1961, the two sons became pharmacists; and today, with 600+ employees, they have become the most productive pharmacy per square foot in the USA and they are a force for good that is helping to reshape Miami as a world-class community.

A classic family business, three generations of compassionate people are involved at every level of the operations.

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Navarro Discount Pharmacies

Jose Navarro, CEO

5959 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33142

Visit our web site:

Office: 305-633-3000

Business Classification:
Retail, Pharmacy

Year Founded: 1961

Put Others Ahead Of Yourself

HATTIE (In the Studio): Preparing a person's prescription is deeply intimate work. Jose and Luis remember when they could call many customers by name, and they have vivid memories of their father filling prescriptions for people who couldn't afford to pay.

These two have had to have a tough side to have achieved what we see today. But I saw in their eyes compassion for their customers. Out of this compassion flows their decisions to deliver the same type of service they gave when they just had one location and thin profits. Jose and Luis have the precise solution to the problems their customers brings them. Do you?

As business owners, we solve the problems of our customers. But should our attitude be arrogance--`I've got the solution to your problem'? No, because arrogance makes most people sick.

Learn from Jose and Luis. These are the words that describe the way they see their customers: respect, deference, admiration, honor, appreciation, regard, fondness and approval.

If you don't have these true feelings for your customers, you'll never build the kind of loyalty we see from the customers of Navarro Pharmacies.

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