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Key Idea: Bond With Your Suppliers

The Time Technology sales manager uses the supplier's territory map. More...

Key Question:


Work more closely with your supplier. 

It should have data, sales materials, press releases and Internet functionality that you can leverage.

Learn more from Graber Products.  It also believes in the single supplier strategy.

Think about it

Do you tap into all of the resources your supplier(s) has to offer?  Have you asked for special attention and help finding leads and closing sales?

Clip from: Time Technology where Technology Warps Time

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom:   Meet the Skeffingtons - Rosemary, her husband, Nigel, and his brother, Peter.  They introduce us to a rather simple technology that brings people from different time zones into the same time and creates a ubiquitous space that everybody shares.  Their business is Time Technology.

What they do is teach and implement collaborative technologies. Though this technology raises some real questions about our perception of time, for them, it is just a fact that literally hundreds of people can be part of an online meeting, working on the same content, though separated by time zones and continents.
Time and space are so fundamental most of us just take the two for granted. It just seems like another application of technology, but it is the beginning of a very significant revolution --  at long last long-held beliefs about what is possible within a given space and time is radically changing.

Time Technology (NS)

Nigel Skeffington, Founder

Brook House
Mint Street

44(0)1483 863 000

Visit our web site:

Office: 44(0)1483 863 000

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1992

Bond With Your Suppliers

NIGEL: When Peter arrived, he said, "Look, you know, at the end of the day, we are working with a single supplier, effectively. And therefore, we must build relationships with that supplier."

HATTIE: Steve Rudland is the Sales Manager.

STEVE: What we've done: because we're serious about the relationship with Lotus, is we've aligned our sales territories to Lotus' sales territories. So we have Southeast, South London, West, East Midlands, Northwest, Northeast, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. I set the territory model up and didn't really want to ask anyone to do anything that I wasn't going to do myself. But when it comes to dealing with the north, also I suppose, there's a degree of is suspicion about companies from the south anyway. And because I'm from the north, I get a degree more tolerance there than basically some of the other guys here would do.

HATTIE: So the buyers from Scotland will give you five more minutes to talk to them, because you've got an accent?

STEVE: Maybe 10 or 15 more seconds.

HATTIE: And then is it hard to get the money out of them?

STEVE: The notion of sending a check south of the border for Scotch organizations is quite an anathema, quite a difficult one for them to cope with. So we have to work that a little bit harder to get the business going up there.

HATTIE: So you're able to get the check, though?

STEVE: We're able to get the business, yeah.

HATTIE: So yesterday, Nigel comes in and says, "We got the deal! We got the deal!" do you think what you've been doing the last 12, 18 months helped that to happen?

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