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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Be Brave Enough To Be First

Time Technology built its business on the Lotus platform for collaboration.  It won plenty of  customers with first-to-market positioning. More...

Key Question:


You can try being first.  Being at the front of the curve is an exciting place to be but it is not for everyone. In fact, we are convinced that today people do not want the newest thing -- they want the thing that works.

Q: Why are so many small business owners at the front of the curve?

A: Because we are the inventors and innovators. While it took the big team at Lotus to invent the platform used by Time Technology, it takes small feisty teams to customize and create for end users the innovative tools we saw Rosemary and Nigel demonstrate. The reason Time Technology succeeds is it has history in the time management business, its partner is a big brand and its customer service is superior. They may lead in their marketing efforts with their frontline position but they have a strong foundation supporting them. Any smart programmer can invent up a new tool and make it work but very few of those tools end up generating profits for anyone.

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Think about it

Would you like to be one of the brave souls who launches a brand new product or service?  Are you ready to go up against the traditionalists in your industry?

Clip from: Time Technology where Technology Warps Time

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom:   Meet the Skeffingtons - Rosemary, her husband, Nigel, and his brother, Peter.  They introduce us to a rather simple technology that brings people from different time zones into the same time and creates a ubiquitous space that everybody shares.  Their business is Time Technology.

What they do is teach and implement collaborative technologies. Though this technology raises some real questions about our perception of time, for them, it is just a fact that literally hundreds of people can be part of an online meeting, working on the same content, though separated by time zones and continents.
Time and space are so fundamental most of us just take the two for granted. It just seems like another application of technology, but it is the beginning of a very significant revolution --  at long last long-held beliefs about what is possible within a given space and time is radically changing.

Time Technology (NS)

Nigel Skeffington, Founder

Brook House
Mint Street

44(0)1483 863 000

Visit our web site:

Office: 44(0)1483 863 000

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1992

Be Brave Enough To Be First

HATTIE: So you've got an office here at Brook House?

That's right, and this is where I work most of my time. I've got a message from Nigel. "Can you join the meeting?"

NIGEL: Hi, Rosie.

HATTIE: What Rosemary and Nigel demonstrate is collaboration software. There are hundreds of products. Their names communicate the struggle to capture its transformative power-- Mindbridge, Netmeeting, Co-create, Livelink, LiveMeeting -- all trying to say we can now share the same time no matter where we are. The word collaboration hides the fact that there is a new place that we all share. Instantly we create a unique place that transcends space and time, breaking through Newton's laws, reshaping Einstein, and right now you think you're just watching an online meeting. But it's more than that. Time and space are derivative.

ROSEMARY: Change it to ten. Change it to ten.

HATTIE: And it is as simple as Nigel gets Rosemary's opinion, he takes that suggestion.

ROSEMARY: That would be much better.

HATTIE: The meeting is over, but a revolution has begun.

ROSEMARY: Go for the rest. Comfortable with the rest.

NIGEL: All right. Okay, thanks, then.

ROSEMARY: See you.


HATTIE: How much time elapsed from when you got the idea to when you started making money?

NIGEL: It was about a year.

HATTIE: See, to me that's nothing. That is very short. You should be thrilled that you were able to move that fast.

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