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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Invest in Your Hometown's Downtown

The Skeffingtons bought a building just a block off the main street of their small town then won an award for their renovation efforts.  They committed to building a business and to building their town's business district. More...

Key Question:


Put your roots down.  The Skeffington's love their hometown and decided early to invest in the business district.

Owning your own building is a great way to build personal wealth and to build a solid business. And, when you buy a symbolic building and make it a showcase for the town, that's even better. The image of the company is polished by every positive visible action you take as a business owners. Employees want to work in a place they love to be in and that they can brag about. Brock House is delightful. It is warm and homey and perhaps not as functional as a new building designed for a high tech company but it has a great personality. The facade stands proudly on a busy corner and going out the front door takes you to shops and eateries in the town center. Going out the back door takes you to the parking lot and just a few steps beyond the property itself it the Godalming train station. Perfect.

Think about it

Can you buy your own building?  Should you?  Is that a conversation you should have with your CPA?

Clip from: Time Technology where Technology Warps Time

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom:   Meet the Skeffingtons - Rosemary, her husband, Nigel, and his brother, Peter.  They introduce us to a rather simple technology that brings people from different time zones into the same time and creates a ubiquitous space that everybody shares.  Their business is Time Technology.

What they do is teach and implement collaborative technologies. Though this technology raises some real questions about our perception of time, for them, it is just a fact that literally hundreds of people can be part of an online meeting, working on the same content, though separated by time zones and continents.
Time and space are so fundamental most of us just take the two for granted. It just seems like another application of technology, but it is the beginning of a very significant revolution --  at long last long-held beliefs about what is possible within a given space and time is radically changing.

Time Technology (NS)

Nigel Skeffington, Founder

Brook House
Mint Street

44(0)1483 863 000

Visit our web site:

Office: 44(0)1483 863 000

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1992

Invest in Your Hometown's Downtown

HATTIE: Let's go to Godalming to start at the beginning.

NIGEL SKEFFINGTON: When I need to see my big clients based up in London, I need to get to them quickly. And I can leave from here and be, within an hour, in their offices. We do deal with international companies and we have to get on planes so we're only half hour away from Heathrow and Gatwick Airport.

HATTIE: So you have the best of both worlds: you get to live in this bucolic community and quickly you're in the center of the world.

NIGEL: Absolutely. I made a choice early on that I would never commute into London. My father did it the whole of his life. So consequently, when I was lucky enough to start the business, we decided we're going to base ourselves in Godalming. It is, on a bad commute day, only 11 minutes to our house.

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