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Key Idea: Be Open to New Technologies

Nigel Skeffington fell in love with a new technology that fit his past experience. More...

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Nigel started a new business based upon an old business which is the safest way to start.  With the help of his wife, Nigel started small from his home.  This is always a good way to begin and you are never alone.  There are about 16 million one-person companies in the USA who deliver a wide ranges of products and services to customers. Once mostly farmers, today every business sector has professionals who do very well just working for themselves.

Nigel grew because customers could see that what he had would save them time and reduce hassle.  This works for all of us.  No matter what field you are in, if you can help customers save time and reduce the hassle in their life, you will make money.
One of the big questions about life is, "What is time?" Others: "Who is my neighbor?" And the classic questions from Philosophy 101 class: "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? And, what is the meaning and value of life?" Today's technology has impacted our answers to each of these questions.

Today, because of technology, we can easily say, "Everybody is my neighbor." Though many of us do not know the person living next door, with today's technology it is relatively easy to find out quite a bit about them. So, the basic question is, "Who do I want to know as a neighbor, a customer, or a supplier, and why?" And perhaps the answer to that question requires that we spend time with those other four questions.

Atttributed to Immanuel Kant, these are questions that are addressed throughout a lifetime.

Think about it

Is there a technology, tool or utility around which you could build a new revenue stream?

Clip from: Time Technology where Technology Warps Time

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom:   Meet the Skeffingtons - Rosemary, her husband, Nigel, and his brother, Peter.  They introduce us to a rather simple technology that brings people from different time zones into the same time and creates a ubiquitous space that everybody shares.  Their business is Time Technology.

What they do is teach and implement collaborative technologies. Though this technology raises some real questions about our perception of time, for them, it is just a fact that literally hundreds of people can be part of an online meeting, working on the same content, though separated by time zones and continents.
Time and space are so fundamental most of us just take the two for granted. It just seems like another application of technology, but it is the beginning of a very significant revolution --  at long last long-held beliefs about what is possible within a given space and time is radically changing.

Time Technology (NS)

Nigel Skeffington, Founder

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Office: 44(0)1483 863 000

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Year Founded: 1992

Be Open to New Technologies

HATTIE: Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. What happens when we open ourselves to learn from each other and even celebrate the success of others? What is our path to wisdom? To a fulfilled life? In some of our shows we see how some small business owners, sometimes unwittingly, tackle some of the most difficult questions about the meaning of life, and what they do, ends up changing the way we see ourselves and the world. We believe this is one of those stories.

Loved by their community, and respected in their industry, meet Nigel Skeffington, his wife and business partner, Rosemary, and his brother, Peter, now the CEO, of their business.

Meet some of their team; And one of their customers, Neil.

Looks all rather typical. But we are in Godalming, an ancient city, somewhat frozen in time, south of London, and not far from important places like Greenwich and Oxford. The name of this business is Time Technology.

An Introduction.

Daytimers, PDAs, we are always asking, "What time is it and how can we manage it better?" But here in England where Universal Time was defined and is maintained, the folks of Time Technology take on Sir Isaac Newton, they go beyond the irascible Steven Hawking with his Brief History and even challenge Albert Einstein.

This little business started in 1992. With a little technology -- totally Internet based -- and 17 employees in 2002, it is escalating a quiet revolution where we discover that time is derivative and relations are the primary real.

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