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Key Idea: Position For Profitability

Co-founder Ruth Ellen Miller said that leaving California saved them thousands of dollars.   More...

Key Question:


Find the best place from which to run your business.

In the case of Jack and Ruth Ellen, their years in California taught them that is it not a friendly place for a company that wants to manufacture a product.

Q: Why make a drastic change in life-style by moving from California to Delaware even before you have a product perfected?

A: These two could picture their success and they didn't like what they saw when it came to the operations side of NoUVIR if they stayed in the Los Angeles area.

By selling land and homes in California and buying in Delaware, they freed up cash they could use during the three years in which they had no income. Their research told them that taxes in Delaware are low on businesses and the workforce would be plentiful. Their research paid off. They have been profitable ever since they started selling the cold-nose projector.

Think about it

Would moving help you make more profit?  

Clip from: NoUVIR: Lighting Is Big Business

Seaford, Delaware: The bold among us take on the giants of industry.  This episode of the show is a classic David & Goliath story. Their slingshot is the US Patent & Trademark Office and Goliath looks like GE, Osram Sylvania, and Phillips.

Meet two small business owners who have slain the giants. Their advice for inventors is timeless.

Ruth Ellen Miller and her ever-inventive father and business partner, Jack Miller,  are  two of the brainiest people we've gotten to know and we've met lots of geniuses since the first episode back in 1994. They hold over 100 patents; they're expert witnesses on patent infringement lawsuits. And, they truly understand the heart and soul of intellectual capital. Their lighting business is the working evidence. Museums around the world come to them to provide the type of lighting that does not damage physical artifacts.

Their company is NoUVIR.  They create pure light -- no UltraViolet and no InfraRed. UV and IR found in typical lighting will destroy art and artifacts over time. 


Ruth Ellen Miller, Co-founder

Highway 13
RR4 Box 748
Seaford, DE 19973

Visit our web site:

Office: 3026289933

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1990

Position For Profitability

HATTIE: OK, RUTH ELLEN, you're a California girl, just like me. Now what are you doing in Delaware?

RUTH ELLEN: I'm running a manufacturing business. And the reason is is that in California, it would have been really hard to keep costs down. But here in Delaware, it's a pro-business state, it's got low taxes, less regulation. And it's a better place to do business.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) The Millers live in this completely restored 1836 Victorian mansion. It sits next to the NoUVIR headquarters.

RUTH ELLEN: This house is the next step marketing wise. Come on in.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) This is a showcase for the historic preservation community to study how fiber-optic lighting can be used to create the feeling of the past and, at the same time, do no harm to fabrics and wood finishes.

RUTH ELLEN: This painting represents all my junior high, high school and my first year of college journey. It's by Peter Ellenshaw. It's called "Nags Head."

HATTIE: Tell me how this painting would look different if it had the old-fashioned--the kind of light that most people are using right now.

RUTH ELLEN: If you put track lighting on it, notice how white the waves are and how green the hills. That would turn duller.

HATTIE: So fiber optics is more like sunlight than traditional light.

RUTH ELLEN: Yes. It's evenly balanced. There's the same amount of blue in it, the same amount of red, the same amount of yellow. Whereas if you look at a track light, a track light will have 10 times the red in it than it has blue. It wouldn't quite be the same painting. It would still be beautiful. You wouldn't really know it until you turned on the fiber optics and could compare, and then suddenly you'd go, `Wow.'


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