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Key Idea: Find A New Goal

The young leaders at Bridgecreek free the founder to pursue projects in Asia.

Key Question:


Keep setting new goals for yourself and for them.  Challenge them to keep learning and give them all of your jobs as you move toward new ideas.

Q: What were the key goals Frank accomplished?

His most important goal was his desire to become self-reliant. This happened for Frank at age eleven. With this success under his belt, he had confidence that he could achieve the next goal which was to learn English. At 18 years of age, he started selling big equipment for a Vietnamese company which required him to telephone around the world and speak to potential customers in English.

When people dream about becoming a millionaire (and even a billionaire), they often say, "I'd travel." "I'd take up golf and begin to relax." But that is not what we see Frank doing. While attending to the most difficult problems at Bridgecreek, he is building a new bridge between American and Chinese business owners and he is volunteering for causes important to business owners in his own neighborhood. These new goals excite and energize him. His face lights up when he speaks about these things and the pursuit of these ideas gives him a great reason to get up in the morning.

Think about it

What new goal should you set for yourself?

Clip from: Bridgecreek Development - Frank Jao

Westminster, California:  In 1975 Frank Jao and his family came from Vietnam  in a C-130 (military aircraft) to Camp Pendleton. They had nothing. 

Within a 48 hours of arriving in California, he got a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Within a year he had taken the courses to qualify to become a realtor. With three years he was developing property for others. Within four years he became the founder of Bridgecreek Development and he broke ground on his first building of 50,000 square feet.

Today Bridgecreek literally owns millions of square feet in California  and he has inspired the development of even more. California has become his home and the home of over 400K Vietnamese and their de facto capital outside of Vietnam.

Yes, meet the people who started Little Saigon.

Frank Jao has been recognized by the President of the USA and today Frank is the president of the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce West Coast and he is spending 25% of his time taking US businesses into Asia.

Immigrants to the USA remind us that this land is a light on the hill, a beacon to the world. We know that business works best within a democratic, ethical society.

Bridgecreek Development

Frank Jao, Founder

8907 Warner Avenue
Suite 118
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Office: 714.842.8038

Business Classification:
Real Estate

Year Founded: 1975

Find A New Goal

HATTIE: You have won all of these awards and you are seen as the person who took on this project on his shoulders and has done so many good things. What else are you going to do?

FRANK: My plan is by the end of this year, I would only engage no more than 50% of my time with the current business. Currently, I plan to use 25% of the time doing things that has nothing to do with profiting – and then I plan to take the other 25% of time doing business overseas.

MICHAEL: Mr. Frank Jao's vision is to expand into Asia and he is planning to move his bridge to extend to China. He has a unique talent, he creates visions and he pursues and he tries to implement it. Unlike other people, they just have visions and they are scared to take risks.

FRANK: In Asia, only money makes money. In the United States, if you are well-educated, good knowledge and you have technical skills – you have a fair chance of making a sizable amount of money as well. But it is always the basics of money makes money and makes the fastest money that I have learned when I was a young kid. I came from a family of nine brothers and sisters. We were common class -- common family -- sending kids to school was a struggle for my father. So I have determined to do something so that I can be ahead of that – and beyond what my family was able to give to me. When I left the family – I left the family quite early at age 11 – I left the family to be on my own.

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