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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Key Idea: Answer Every Question

Host Hattie Bryant says that Frank Jao methodically learned what he needed to learn to launch and build a multi-million dollar operation in his new country.

Key Question:


Ask questions and then search for the answers.  This is the secret to leading a successful life and it is what it takes to build a business.

Q: Don't veteran business owners already know the answers?

A: No. They know many answers but not all of the answers. Frank is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who will not be stopped by a question or a problem. He will even dig through trash to find an answer if he believes the answer is in that trash. Most people and even most business owners are not as willing as Frank is to admit what they don't know. Most people long for stability and avoid facing questions and problems. It is only when we, like Frank, put the questions on the table and muster the courage to seek out the answers that we are able to advance and grow.

Think about it

What are the questions you need to be asking? Where can you go for the answers?

Clip from: Bridgecreek Development - Frank Jao

Westminster, California:  In 1975 Frank Jao and his family came from Vietnam  in a C-130 (military aircraft) to Camp Pendleton. They had nothing. 

Within a 48 hours of arriving in California, he got a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Within a year he had taken the courses to qualify to become a realtor. With three years he was developing property for others. Within four years he became the founder of Bridgecreek Development and he broke ground on his first building of 50,000 square feet.

Today Bridgecreek literally owns millions of square feet in California  and he has inspired the development of even more. California has become his home and the home of over 400K Vietnamese and their de facto capital outside of Vietnam.

Yes, meet the people who started Little Saigon.

Frank Jao has been recognized by the President of the USA and today Frank is the president of the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce West Coast and he is spending 25% of his time taking US businesses into Asia.

Immigrants to the USA remind us that this land is a light on the hill, a beacon to the world. We know that business works best within a democratic, ethical society.

Bridgecreek Development

Frank Jao, Founder

8907 Warner Avenue
Suite 118
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Visit our web site:

Office: 714.842.8038

Business Classification:
Real Estate

Year Founded: 1975

Answer Every Question

In the Studio

HATTIE: Who is this man? What did he learn on the streets of Da Nang? He seems so innocent, so simply gracious. Yet look at where he has come from, and where he is going. Bridgecreek Development exists today because Frank Jao believed, there is an answer to every question. He could have continued selling real estate and not had to think about getting a loan from a bank. He could have used his big commission check to build a home for him and Cathy but that's not how the story goes. When told he had to present a loan package to the banker, at night he went to the parking lot of the bank and dug through the dumpster to find old loan documents to use as a guide. After he had studied the form of the "borrowed" document, he was able to create his own. Building what we see today took years and many more creative approaches and practical decisions like hiring the former mayor of the town. The root of Frank's achievement is he believes there is an answer to every question.

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