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Key Idea: Learn The Language Of Banking

Just like Frank learned to speak English, he learned the language of banking.

Key Question:


Give the banker what they need and want.

Q: How did Frank learn how to talk to American bankers?

A: He met with bankers often. He listened carefully. He studied constantly. And, if he had to find an answer in the bank's dumpster, he was willing to climb in and find the necessary documents to teach him how to create his own. Since he could not afford to hire someone to create a loan package, he correctly assumed there were rejected loan packages that had been tossed into the trash. We all know that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Today with the internet, all one needs to do is type in "sample loan document" and there are hundreds of references. Once Frank began studying the requirements needed to prepare a loan document, he demonstrated that he was learning and using the language of banking.

The bank had told him he needed a feasibility study and a loan package. He hired out the task of the study but he couldn't afford to pay a professional to put his loan package together. Frank took about three weeks to learn the language of banking. This was easy for a man who speaks many languages.

Think about it

Do you have the banking relationship you need to grow your business? If not, why not? Do you need to learn more about how to talk to bankers?

Clip from: Bridgecreek Development - Frank Jao

Westminster, California:  In 1975 Frank Jao and his family came from Vietnam  in a C-130 (military aircraft) to Camp Pendleton. They had nothing. 

Within a 48 hours of arriving in California, he got a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Within a year he had taken the courses to qualify to become a realtor. With three years he was developing property for others. Within four years he became the founder of Bridgecreek Development and he broke ground on his first building of 50,000 square feet.

Today Bridgecreek literally owns millions of square feet in California  and he has inspired the development of even more. California has become his home and the home of over 400K Vietnamese and their de facto capital outside of Vietnam.

Yes, meet the people who started Little Saigon.

Frank Jao has been recognized by the President of the USA and today Frank is the president of the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce West Coast and he is spending 25% of his time taking US businesses into Asia.

Immigrants to the USA remind us that this land is a light on the hill, a beacon to the world. We know that business works best within a democratic, ethical society.

Bridgecreek Development

Frank Jao, Founder

8907 Warner Avenue
Suite 118
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Visit our web site:

Office: 714.842.8038

Business Classification:
Real Estate

Year Founded: 1975

Learn The Language Of Banking

FRANK: There is nothing to me that is a secret including business formulas. That is the principal that I have always operated on.

HATTIE: Okay -- is business a formula?

FRANK: It is a formula – but it is not a secret formula. Because I don't believe in repeating to do the same thing as you did before. Everything I do on the next project will be completely different. I don't repeat the same thing on anything I do.

HATTIE: All right – so how do you know if it is going to work or not?

FRANK: To me – if I have to repeat the same formula for what I have to do – then it takes all of the thrill out of it. To me – everything has to be improved, novelty -- otherwise I don't do it. I see every project as a piece of art – and every developer is an artist. And we need to do it both in the economic way of artistic as well as the real life artistic. Otherwise it's lost the fun of creation. I go out and acquire a piece of property. And that is the beginning of planning, marketing, lending, constructions, management – that is the process. After I acquire a property, then after I have the plans designed -- and approved by the city -- then the next biggest hurdle is to go out and get a bank. They are willing to lend money to do a construction development to a person who has no track records of being a developer, who has no big bank account, who has no background of educational background in construction. So that was the challenge.

HATTIE: So you own the land – that is all you had though.

FRANK: Right – even buying the land, I would still need a loan. Because $350,000 doesn't buy the land.

HATTIE: It wasn't enough. Okay - so what did you do?

FRANK: I approach a bank anyway. The bank basically told me that there isn't enough ingredient here that they can give me a loan of 3 million dollars.

HATTIE: So that is what you wanted? You wanted 3 million?

FRANK: Well that is what it takes to build.

HATTIE: That is what it took then – it takes more now – but that is what it took then.

FRANK: So I have to ask, "Give me your list -- Give me your requirement list and I will go back and fulfill it. In one of the lists would be a feasibility study and a loan package. I found out that a feasibility study at that time – we could bring in a consultant to do them and pay them. So that solved the problem. Then we need to put a loan package together. A loan package normally being charged by the loan broker – back in those days – for a considerable amount of money. And I wasn't ready to do that and I couldn't even afford that. So I have to figure out a way that I have to do the loan package myself.

HATTIE: So how long did it take you then to go back to that same banker who told you no and say "Okay, here's my stuff."

FRANK: About three weeks in total.

HATTIE: Three weeks. So you now you have been in this country for five years, six years and you have just gotten a 3 million dollar loan.

FRANK: That was the first loan I ever had -- at the time. And it was just amazing - I couldn't believe it. The center today ended up being about 50,000 square feet in total.

HATTIE: And you still own that.

FRANK: I still own that -- that has been basically my life savings throughout the years.

HATTIE: You mean it works.

FRANK: It works very well and it produce a lot of income so that I can use that to venture into other investments.

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