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Key Idea: Choose A Powerful Name

Frank Jao worked with his banker to come up with the name of his company.   More...

Key Question:


The name of a business doesn't matter if you only intend to run it yourself and keep it very small.

Q: What is the value of a powerful name?

A: First, it keeps you, the owner, on the right track! Frank and his banker carefully chose Bridgecreek because they knew what they wanted to accomplish.

As a newcomer to the USA who wanted to build a new home for his fellow new Americans, Frank imagined the problems. He believed his company would need to build a bridge between two cultures but that the bridge would not have to be big. In his mind the divide between the two cultures was just a small creek. Think back to the struggle Frank must have had as he faced racial discrimination. The name of his company served as an inspiration to him during the tough times.

Second, a powerful name is a wonderful employee recruiting tool. Don't you think people want more to work for Bridgecreek than for Frank Jao Real Estate Development?

Third, a powerful name is a marketing asset. A name like Bridgecreek presents many positive mental images. IA poetic metaphor, the company's name is moving to anyone who hears Frank tell about how he came up with it. The name embodies his hopes for creating a business that is dedicated to the valuable task of bringing people together. This is powerful because it is a never ending, always compelling and worthwhile. People working on this goal and achieving it in any small way will feel good about themselves.

Think about it

What does the name of your business mean to you? To your employees? To your customers? Does it say what you do? Does it embody your values? Should you change the name of your business?

Clip from: Bridgecreek Development - Frank Jao

Westminster, California:  In 1975 Frank Jao and his family came from Vietnam  in a C-130 (military aircraft) to Camp Pendleton. They had nothing. 

Within a 48 hours of arriving in California, he got a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Within a year he had taken the courses to qualify to become a realtor. With three years he was developing property for others. Within four years he became the founder of Bridgecreek Development and he broke ground on his first building of 50,000 square feet.

Today Bridgecreek literally owns millions of square feet in California  and he has inspired the development of even more. California has become his home and the home of over 400K Vietnamese and their de facto capital outside of Vietnam.

Yes, meet the people who started Little Saigon.

Frank Jao has been recognized by the President of the USA and today Frank is the president of the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce West Coast and he is spending 25% of his time taking US businesses into Asia.

Immigrants to the USA remind us that this land is a light on the hill, a beacon to the world. We know that business works best within a democratic, ethical society.

Bridgecreek Development

Frank Jao, Founder

8907 Warner Avenue
Suite 118
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Visit our web site:

Office: 714.842.8038

Business Classification:
Real Estate

Year Founded: 1975

Choose A Powerful Name

FRANK JAO: Bridgecreek was very nicely named by the banker that I work with. He and I sit down when we determined to form Bridgecreek. We do know then that there are differences, there are cultural problems. So, we don't want to emphasize it too big. We consider that it is a small gap like a creek and nicely run with water. And it just need a small bridge to cross to make it really nice and really culturally right and in certain shape and form it is poetic.

HATTIE: The creek in this story is Bolsa Avenue in Westminster, California. Kathy Buchoz, former mayor of Westminster, is now Frank's property manager.

KATHY BUCHOZ: Had it not been for Frank Jao, himself, that this little corridor of Bolsa would still be the same as it was 25 years ago. No one in this community ever thought that Bolsa would become a business area. And this being just a largely agricultural area, some little strip centers – but never could anyone imagine that it was going to become the metropolis that it is.

Employees: (un-translated Vietnamese)

HATTIE: Today Bridgecreek with 15 employees handles 1,100 tenants occupying nearly 2 million square feet of commercial space in 10 buildings. Frank inspired others to build and his Asian Garden is at the heart of a 4 and a half square mile area.

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