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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Be Minister, Social Worker & Therapist

Host Hattie Bryant heard employee after employee at Gadabout speak to the tremendous impact Pam McNair has had on their lives.

Key Question:


Help people make their lives better. Pam McNair loves people and her employees feel it. 
Some had difficulty explaining why they feel so close to her but one said, "I'm among a large number of people who've had the opportunity to completely transform their lives working here."

Q: What benefit does Pam receive because she is willing to be a minister, social worker and therapist?

A: From a business point of view, the greatest benefit is loyalty. She has dozens of employees who have been with her for over a decade. Loyalty provides stability, maturity and continuity. There are always fresh recruits but long-term employees become the teachers, mentors, ministers and therapists to the new employees.

From a personal point of view, Pam can look at her life and know that she has truly helped people be better than they thought they could be. That achievement brings a personal satisfaction that money can not buy.

Think about it

What are you doing that brings you deep personal satisfaction?  Do you make positive impact on the people on your payroll?  How would your employees describe you to their friends?

Clip from: Gadabout Salon & Spa

Tucson, Arizona: Left with two young mouths to feed and never having worked outside the home, Pamela McNair-Wingate has created a new reality in the workplace where love and generosity abide. Today, from six locations around Tucson,  she and her team of over 200 professionals deliver the newest treatments from their spas and the freshest looks from their salons. 

The company, Gadabout SalonSpas, is recognized as a leader in the day spa movement both in customer care and in business practices.

In the typical spas customers check in for a week to be pampered, to eat low-fat diets, and to participate in endless exercise classes. Day spas are different! Here you'll find only the pampering part.  Pam has been a leader in this revolution from its beginning and she is helping to transform the salon business by setting an example for all. In recognition of her extraordinary leadership skills, Pam was named Salon Entrepreneur of the Year for the US at the Global Salon Business Awards presented in London in 2004.

Gadabout SalonSpas, Inc.

Pamela McNair, Chairman

3501 E. Kleindale Road
Tucson, AZ 85726

Visit our web site:

Office: 5203229434

Business Classification:
Personal Products, human services, beauty

Year Founded: 1976

Be Minister, Social Worker & Therapist

Are you as the owner ready to become a minister, social worker and therapist?
What is real leadership?

HATTIE: At Gadabout, employees told me over and over, `Pam saved my life. Pam changed my life. If I hadn't met Pam, I don't know what shape my life would be in today.' And these people are not talking about a beauty makeover. Can the owner of a company have the same effect on people as a minister or a priest or a surgeon or a therapist? These employees have been profoundly affected by Pam, and I conclude that the answer is yes. We've learned in business that the customer is king, but if you grow past the point where you, the owner, are no longer delivering all the customer service, how do you guarantee that every employee learns that the customer's king? Just as Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines teaches, Pam treats the employees like kings and queens. The leadership theory is employees will treat customers the way employees are treated by you. Rather than pouring all of your energy into customer service, if you want to grow, start pouring all of your energy into employee service. You'll be rewarded with loyalty because people don't leave where they're loved.

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