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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Do it Differently - Be Honest - Be Fair

Pam turned the tables on the industry standard with a focus on regular training and education geared toward the employee's success. The IRS studied this business to lift it up as a role model within the industry.  More...

Key Question:


Pam recruits people who don't want to own their own business. She attracts the person who doesn't want to be bothered with book keeping, marketing, answering the telephone, doing the laundry or purchasing supplies.

Pam has found a sweet spot. While there are plenty of hairdressers and astheticians who want to have a private practice, Pam has discovered that there are many who want to walk into a lovely place and simply focus on taking care of their clients.

Also, a new-hire spends 18 months as an intern before they are allowed to handle customers alone.

Think about it

Pam started in business with only hairdressers and today she has a myriad of spa services delivered by estheticians. Is there a potential new revenue stream that could be developed around some talented people in your industry?

Clip from: Gadabout Salon & Spa

Tucson, Arizona: Left with two young mouths to feed and never having worked outside the home, Pamela McNair-Wingate has created a new reality in the workplace where love and generosity abide. Today, from six locations around Tucson,  she and her team of over 200 professionals deliver the newest treatments from their spas and the freshest looks from their salons. 

The company, Gadabout SalonSpas, is recognized as a leader in the day spa movement both in customer care and in business practices.

In the typical spas customers check in for a week to be pampered, to eat low-fat diets, and to participate in endless exercise classes. Day spas are different! Here you'll find only the pampering part.  Pam has been a leader in this revolution from its beginning and she is helping to transform the salon business by setting an example for all. In recognition of her extraordinary leadership skills, Pam was named Salon Entrepreneur of the Year for the US at the Global Salon Business Awards presented in London in 2004.

Gadabout SalonSpas, Inc.

Pamela McNair, Chairman

3501 E. Kleindale Road
Tucson, AZ 85726

Visit our web site:

Office: 5203229434

Business Classification:
Personal Products, human services, beauty

Year Founded: 1976

Do it Differently - Be Honest - Be Fair

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Rather than leasing space from Pam, everyone at Gadabout is on the payroll, and everyone earns above industry-standard dollars. New hires have completed courses to be licensed professionals, but are considered to be interns at Gadabout for about 18 months.

HATTIE:  But, Pam, they already went to school; they got taught how to cut hair already.

PAM: Well, that's true.

HATTIE: There's a Gadabout way to do it?

PAM: Yes. We have our own program. We have our own designs.

HATTIE: But this isn't the way most salons work. Don't they just go to work right away?

PAM: A lot of them do, but we want to provide our employees with as much information so they can be as successful as possible.

LAURIE: She's always educating us. You know, we've learned conflict management. We've learned communications skills.

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