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Key Idea: Transform Your Community

Host Hattie Bryant says that gracious giving by owners is noticed by their communities.

Key Question:


Do what Cindy does and transform your community.

What was once a working wharf full of fishermen, boats and canneries, Newport has reinvented itself for the 21st Century. The changes made to insure Newport's future prosperity were instigated by Cindy McIntee and a handful of business owners. Many say her business, Mo's Chowder, is the anchor of modern tourism in Newport, Oregon.

Q: What does it take to transform a community and why would anyone bother?

A: Every skill that you have developed to be a successful entrepreneur. You have to have a goal and be driven to achieve it. You have to recruit others to help then you have to give them direction and motivation. You have to "make sales" or raise the cash needed to repair the streets and paint the buildings and create parking places for customers and the list goes on and on.

You might take on this big task because it is in your best interests to do so and some might argue that you are not being generous, you are actually being greedy and self serving.

Michael Novak, the theologian in residence at the American Enterprise Institute, has written twenty five books about the positive power of democratic capitalism. He taught us that there is a difference between self interest and greed.

He suggests that you ask yourself what interests you and that is the thing that will motivate you. For example, if you are motivated to provide a high level of customer service, to produce a quality product, to establish a nurturing environment for your employees, then that's your self-interest. That's what is important to you.

That's not greed because greed is gluttony and avarice, the motivation to improve one's own lot without any consideration for others. Self-interest, on the other hand, is our passion, what motivates us, why we start our own businesses and make successes out of them.

Think about it

What's your self-interest?

Clip from: Volunteer! Get out of the Office!

Throughout the USA:  This special episode is a salute to the volunteer work done by the 25 million small business owners.

Over and over we learn why, "Business is not about greed." Although there are plenty of greedy people within business, the very first principle of business is to create something of value; and to do this, we must give more than we receive. 

Small business owners are volunteers, especially in Chambers of Commerce. Chambers are the local torchbearers of good business for every community. They are the foremost advocates for a better future for everyone.

The Chambers recognize and often reward those who do good things within a community. They reinforce the good and they discuss, analyze and attempt to change the bad. Since 1994 we have turned to the Chambers to validate, recommend and guide us with the selection of businesses for each episode of the show. The people within the Chambers know who are the givers and who are the takers.

In this program we learn from many owners why they volunteer.

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Mo's Chowder

Mo's Chowder, A family

622 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, OR 97365

Visit our web site:

Office: 541-265-2979

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1951

Transform Your Community

CINDY MCENTEE (VO) Mo's has kind of become its own little entity where I just feel like I'm the caretaker of a legacy.

HATTIE: (VO) Cindy McEntee is owner of Mo's restaurants, the place famous for serving hot clam chowder since 1951. She has three locations on the Oregon coast and a chowder base factory. Cindy is an anchor in her local Chamber of Commerce and when she's not working on her business, she works on the business of making Newport a destination. Tourism has quadrupled in the last 10 years and business leaders are working to continue the trend. Cindy has been instrumental in attracting artists to create more than a dozen murals including this Wyland.

CINDY: It's exciting when you can do something when you impact a neighborhood. When we have our 50th anniversary which we did this year, we decided to thank the community and so we had decided that 50 percent of every ticket for every table of people, 50 percent of their ticket cost would go to whatever little community charity they wanted. And we did that one whole day in all six of our restaurants. So each community had its own, you know specific little.

HATTIE: Did you add up at the end of the day how much money you guys did?

CINDY: Yes it was about $18,000.

The Lightbulb:

HATTIE: So what motivates these small business owners to spend precious time away from their businesses? What is the result of hundreds of hours of volunteer effort? Existing and potential of entrepreneurs from all over the country can thank this council for setting a strong pro small-business agenda at the Chamber. An agenda to address the paperwork and regulatory burdens that small employers face on a daily basis. An agenda that encourages legislative change to improve access to quality affordable health care, and an agenda that reigns in an out of control legal system. One small business owner can make a difference and many small business owners can make a big difference. Small business owners all over this country find places where they can best serve as volunteers. They raise billions of dollars for existing causes. There is no single segment of the population more generous than small business owners. This is because to succeed in small business requires a servant's heart. We serve our customers and as a result we prosper. We're in the habit of serving so when we see a need or when we are asked to help, we say yes.

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