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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

Key Idea: Take Time To Give

Through their Chambers of Commerce, business owners work hard on business-friendly public policy.  Toby Malachi (pictured here), founder of Malichi International, of Indianapolis has a favorite cause; promote global trade for small businesses. More...

Key Question:


Do good things for your community. 

Q: How do small business owners find time to volunteer?

Leon Trammell, founder of Tramco, Incorporated told us that he has plenty of time to volunteer since golf hates him.  That's a fun way to say that he would rather do things for others than spend hours in recreation.  To make time, most owners do their volunteer work in the flow of their business. In the case of Leon, he is a senior citizen. His children are grown. His business is mature and stable. He has time to get on an airplane and go to meetings in Washington DC.

You will have time for different kinds of volunteering during different stages of your life. One of our friends who owns a business and who has a young son, volunteers to coach his son's baseball team.

Think about it

What do you do when you're not running your business? Could you give up some golf to help people who need your expertise but can't afford to pay you for it?

Clip from: Volunteer! Get out of the Office!

Throughout the USA:  This special episode is a salute to the volunteer work done by the 25 million small business owners.

Over and over we learn why, "Business is not about greed." Although there are plenty of greedy people within business, the very first principle of business is to create something of value; and to do this, we must give more than we receive. 

Small business owners are volunteers, especially in Chambers of Commerce. Chambers are the local torchbearers of good business for every community. They are the foremost advocates for a better future for everyone.

The Chambers recognize and often reward those who do good things within a community. They reinforce the good and they discuss, analyze and attempt to change the bad. Since 1994 we have turned to the Chambers to validate, recommend and guide us with the selection of businesses for each episode of the show. The people within the Chambers know who are the givers and who are the takers.

In this program we learn from many owners why they volunteer.

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Take Time To Give

HATTIE: Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. There is power in numbers and when every business on Main Street gets together our communities can be transformed. Today you'll meet business owners who commit time and money for the cause of the greater good and you'll be able to see with your own eyes that every one of them has some common qualities.

First, they're hard working. The opposite of a couch potato.

Second, they think about making the lives of others better. The opposite of self-serving.

And third, they see the glass half full. They're optimists, brimming with enthusiasm for the future, the opposite of the negative elites, the victims and those who wait for something good happen.

These are the movers, the shakers, the thinkers, the dreamers, the workers, the creators of wealth and work. And while they're doing all of that, they volunteer.

TOBY MALICHI: I volunteered because God has blessed me with a lot of knowledge, skills.

HATTIE: (VO) Toby Malichi is founder and president of Malichi International.

TOBY: One of my skill sets is to bridge cultures together, and so I like to volunteer to help small business make that bridge to going international a little more easier for them. I believe that no deposit, no return. So actually, what I put in, I get back way more.

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