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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Key Idea: Think Like A Customer

Selling becomes easy when you understand what your customers are really buying.

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Think about it

Do you think if you took a month leave from the company that it would work better or worse while you are away? Have you ever had a 360 Degree Feedback Review conducted in your company?

Clip from: Oregon Log Homes - they're building beauty.

National Home Builders'  "Best in America" Award

Oregon: As a young ski instructor on Mount Hood, Mike Neary built his first log home for himself.  When friends and family all bragged on it and wanted a log home too, he knew he had stumbled on to his life's work.

Today his company, Oregon Log Homes, builds the most beautiful log homes in the world.  The National Home Builders Association gave it "The Best In American Living" award and that won the attention of Disney.  Oregon Log Home was given the opportunity to build the Fort Wilderness Lodge in Orlando.

While much of the work is done by hand, Mike invented a way to automate some of the process which keeps the company competitive while still thoroughly unique.

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John Wargo & Company

John Wargo, founder

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Think Like A Customer

HATTIE: There are many small-business owners who say, `I don't like selling. It's hard for me. I don't understand it.' Why is selling so mysterious?

JOHN: Selling is really mysterious because most people think what they would do. And they can't imagine why other people aren't doing what they do. Selling is totally different. You have to think about what other people do. It's empathy. It's understanding your customer, not understanding yourself. Once you start to understand your customer, selling becomes easy and less mysterious. It's only mysterious because you don't know how to tell all these other people why they should buy something you like. It's what they like.

HATTIE: But how do we deal with the fact that the pet rock was a best seller? I mean, how did that capture the imaginations of millions of people when they sent away for a rock?

JOHN: They didn't send away for a rock. They only got a rock. They sent away for something unique that they thought was different, and they cashed in on a fad. So who bought the rock? The people that like to be in on a fad. So what you have to look at is not what people bought, but why they bought, and what they did with it. Nobody bought a rock and put it away. They bought the rock to show their friends, `Hey, I'm trendy. I'm out front.'

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