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Key Idea: Fund The Dreams Of Others

Most people tend to ask, "Why should I fund the dreams of others?"  People like  Remigius Shatas ask,  "Why not?"  For him,  it extends his life-long work.  Meet  Remigius as he shares his wisdom.

Key Question:


Find an angel in your community.

Q: Why does Shatas invest in companies located in the Biz Tech incubator which is located just a few minutes from his office?

A: For a company to get space in this particular incubator it must have a written business plan and be leading with technology. This criteria acts as a filter so Shatas doesn't have to search the entire Huntsville business community for investments. However, the word is out that he is an angel investor and many inventors and thought leaders seek to pitch him their ideas. A quality incubator like Biz Tech provides more that cost-effective space. So by being in, or investing in a company located in, an incubator you should improve your chances of success. Shatas says we should invest in Wall Street but we should try a "walk on the wild side" and put some money into local entrepreneurs.

Q: Why would it be good for us to think of investing in a business as a "gift to the community"?

A: Because a successful business will create work and wealth for many! Of course, Shatas wants a return on his investment but even more he wants the business to become a community asset. This is what we would call maturity. As soon as you figure out that buying more stuff or owning more stuff is not what makes you happy, you'll probably be ready to start investing in small companies in our neighborhood.

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Think about it

Why does this seem more risky than Wall Street and how can we minimize the risk?

Clip from: Avocent - From Founder to Angel

Huntsville, Alabama: Huntsville has become a hotbed for technology startups and there are dozens of people quietly investing in hundreds of businesses, providing everything from start-up capital to mezzanine funding.

They are often called angel investors. Remigius Shatas says, "My goal for Huntsville is that it becomes the most generous city in America." He wants everybody to invest in the good ideas of others!

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Avocent Corporation

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Year Founded: 1982

Fund The Dreams Of Others

At the monthly Angel Investor breakfast, Shatas and Bob listen as Terry Heaton, the CEO of, pitches for a second round of funding.

TERRY HEATON: Ansir itself is an acronym. It means `a new style in relating.'

HATTIE: Why is Shatas important to your venture?

TERRY: Shatas is a real angel. I mean, he personifies that word `angel.' He invests in people, not in business plans, and we needed somebody like him. He's kept us going. Without Shatas, Ansir Communications would not exist today.

SHATAS: I invested in Terry because he and his wife Sandra had put their entire lives into this product, and secondly, he was willing to listen.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Shatas and Bob formed RNR Ventures to provide seed money for ideas that venture capitalists and bankers would consider to be too risky. Jeff Cameron's research attracted their attention.

JEFF CAMERON: And one of the things we have found from this particular experiment is that the rotor is moving in the direction that apparent ion wind is being generated. SHATAS: With RNR Ventures, it's got about between 20 and 30 investments.

HATTIE: I mean, if I don't have a million dollars, if I just have a few thousand, can I be an angel? Can I invest?

SHATAS: Everyone can invest. That was one of the things that we looked at with Cybex. It helped early on, not just by people who were angels, but friends and family.

I think almost everyone knows an entrepreneur that's trying to make a business happen. And I think that people should get involved, but they shouldn't get involved in just one. I've always felt they should get involved in several because investing in the beginnings of companies is very risky, and so you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket.

And, you should only use money that you can afford to lose.

HATTIE: How do I go about selecting the investment that I'm going to make?

SHATAS: That's a difficult thing. What you've got to do is you should invest in the person. You should look at a person that's committed to making the enterprise work. And don't just invest in some great idea, because great ideas have a way of disappearing or being eclipsed by somebody else.

HATTIE: Why is this investing locally better than investing in Wall Street?

SHATAS: You should do that, too, but investing locally is a walk on the wild side, and what you can't get investing in Wall Street -- you can't always get that satisfaction of seeing that business grow and prosper.

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