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Key Idea: Keep Work In Its Place

Ken MacDonald likes working with Ashley and Darrell because they started a business so that they could control the type of work they do and the work culture.

Key Question:


Darrell and Ashely were smart enough to know that they didn't want to do all the different jobs required to make the company function properly. To keep work life in balance, they found ways to get jobs done that are cost-effective.

Q: Who is Renegade's salesman?

A man who owns a very small Manhattan-based agency whose company is called, Blah, Blah, Blah. Doesn't that sound like the type of person a renegade would want to befriend? You are getting the picture now about this industry. It is comprised of artists and people with a great sense of humor.

Ashley happily pays a big fat sales commission to Blah, Blah, Blah because she needs someone in New York City who is pounding the streets calling on the ad agencies who have the budgets to create the ads that Ashley wants to do the animation for. She could hire a person and set them up on the East Coast but this would not only make her overhead go up, Ashley would have a larger management job. Blah, Blah, Blah's commission dollars could probably cover the cost of a full-time employee but it would be a person Ashley would have to train and help. With Blah, Blah, Blah she has the best in the business and it's commission only. Nice.

Do Darrell and Ken actually draw every piece of art that goes into a Renegade Animation production?

No. They have a stable of 35 animators Ashley calls upon to make specific contributions.

Think about it

What are you doing now in your work that you could outsource so that you have time for your children or exercise or travel?

Clip from: Renegade Animation - Beating the Big Boys

Burbank, California: Back in 1992 Ashley Quinn Postlewaite and Darrell Van Citters left  Warner's studios to start their own business, Renegade Animation. They truly were renegades.  Their first challenge was to produce a 90-second spot for Nike.  They did it.  Called Aerospace Jordan,  it aired on the Super Bowl. Now, that's real talent.  And, that 's an incredible start.

This episode of the show takes us inside flights of the imagination, fantasy, and stretched metaphors. Today, among their customers you will find Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney,, Leapfrog, Toyota, Mattel, Barq's Root Beer, Campbell Soup, Dow, NIKE and more.

In their first year they did $1.4 million in sales. While the sales have held steady over the years, they have also have been able to do their work with four or less full-time employees.    

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Renegade Animation

Ashley Quinn Postlewaite, Executive Producer

111 East Broadway
Suite 208
Burbank, CA 91205

Visit our web site:

Business Classification:
Business Services; advertising, marketing, pr

Year Founded: 1999

Keep Work In Its Place

KEN: When you're working on a feature film months and months on end, 50, 60 hours a week, and they come in and say, `You have to come in and do 60 hours this week. You've got to get your drawings done.' I'm here. I think that's one of the things that Ashley does so well when she's producing the commercials and she's making the schedules. She really takes into account problems that might come up. We have room in the schedule. And she really schedules them so that we can have times for our lives, our own personal lives, and still get the commercial done on time or ahead of schedule and the client's happy and we're happy. We're not stressed out.

HATTIE: And what did you say that you would do if they decided to make an animated film in the Disney style with music and stuff?

KEN: Oh, I'd leave. I--if they did that, if they wanted to do a Disney-type musical film, I'd leave because I left that. I was doing that and I wasn't enjoying it. I think you've got to do something different. And even with the TV commercials, we try and do something different. We try to explore new designs and new ideas and new ways of approaching the characters to make them interesting, to cut through the clutter.

(Excerpt from commercial) Cartoon Character #1: Up there. Cartoon Character #2: Help! Cartoon Character #3: I'll bet it's Bat Woman. Character #2: Help! (End of excerpt)

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Renegade's customer list includes Dow, Mattel, Campbell's Soup, Barq's Root Beer and Nike. You see their work in commercials, television shows and video games.

(Excerpt from commercial) Cartoon Character #4: Biting enough? Unidentified Man: Well, that send a positive message to the kids. Next! (End of excerpt)

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