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Key Idea: Make It At Home

From design to manufacture, the Nicole Miller collection is made right in New York City.

Key Question:


Make your products right under your nose.

Nicole and Bud enjoy doing business close to home because they are veteran New Yorkers. They know its Fashion District and the people who run the businesses that support the making of clothing in New York City. On top of that, they know their customers.

Q:  Why do Bud and Nicole refuse to send their sewing off shore?

A: The answer is more than pride in their "Made in New York City" labels. About one-third of Nicole Miller's clothing revenues come from its bridal collections. When a bride selects a Nicole Miller gown and bridesmaid dresses, each is custom sewn. The shops take measurements and send those in to New York where the gowns are sewn when the orders are received. This type of business would be very difficult to do if the sewing was being done in another country.
The turn-around time can be less than one week! This promise and the delivery on it helps pile up sales.

Also, Nicole Miller does not sell a lot of any one item. Its strategy is one that depends upon Nicole to design something fresh every month and those items are made up in small quantities, sent to the stores and sold. Once those items are sold, that is it. Nicole is on to the next new thing.

This company is not interested in competing with the big chains. It is interested only in its niche of loyal customers who buy over and over. Those customers do not want to see what they are wearing on someone else. By controlling quantity, Nicole Miller keeps customers happy. And we all know that Nicole Miller's core product is happiness.

Think about it

Are suppliers a problem? What could you do to improve your supply chain? Would your sales increase if a new supplier was found who could do things faster? Are your own processes restricting your ability to stand out among your competitors?

Clip from: Nicole Miller - Fashion & Quality

Nicole Miller on her visit to her boutique in La Jolla.

New York, NY: In this episode we go to the heart of the fashion industry and behind the scenes of Nicole Miller, a fashion house on Seventh Avenue to meet the founders, Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim.  In an industry where even top designers have taken production overseas, Nicole Miller pieces all proudly wear the label, "Made in New York."

It's a stroke of genius for these times, but the reasons go far beyond patriotism. For Nicole Miller, it's all rooted in the fabric of the American entrepreneurial dream: pride of idea, of process, and of execution.  They earnestly try to make women happy and  they are key advocates for causes important to women.

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Nicole Miller Fashions (BK)

Bud Konheim, Co-founder

525 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Visit our web site:

Office: 2127199200

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1982

Make It At Home

HATTIE: According to the fashion center website, New York City's garment district is comprised of 34 million square feet extending from Fifth to Ninth avenues and from 35th to 41st streets.
Over 100,000 people work in the garment district and the Nicole Miller company is proud to say – their clothing is made, from an idea to finished product – in New York City.

BUD: Is this where we are going?

HATTIE: Production manager Kimberly Lee and Bud walk a few blocks to Styletrend where their creations are in mass production.

HATTIE: Kimberly speaks Cantonese and English. She is the right person at the right time for Nicole Miller. Over the years, sewing shops have been owned by immigrants and today many are owned by the newest wave from China. Special orders are priced right and shipped more quickly than if the sewing was done offshore. Bud and Nicole are committed to keeping the sewing jobs in New York City.

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