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Key Idea: Be Good To Attract Good

Founders Jonas and Anne Beiler are good people doing good and attracting people like them to their business.  Anne says, " in the workplace.  Yeh, it works."

Key Question:


Be the type of person people want to be around.

Q: Why does Anne think her business is successful and does what she thinks influence the type of people who buy an Auntie Anne's franchise?

A: She said, if you operate by the golden rule, if you seek to understand others before you try to get they to understand you, if you do more for people than they ask of you, if you love the people in your workplace, you will be successful.

Next we get a clue into Anne's definition of success. She said, "without these things you may make money, but you won't feel the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment."

In, "Wall Street," the movie, Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas is a handsome, hardbody, hard-personality ruthlessly in pursuit of money. He said, "If something's worth doing it's worth doing for money." Isolated, that sounds logical for any business owner. In other words, our business exists to earn profits and those profits make it possible to hire people and serve customers.

However, Gekko also said, "If you need a friend, get a dog." This makes us think about why so many in the country spend so much time, money, effort and emotion on their dogs. You've seen the trend! As dogs age, owners are spending thousands for surgeries and medications to try to keep them alive.

When it comes to people, Anne Beiler is on a different planet from Gordon Gekko. Anne Beiler may or may not have a dog but we are confident that her human relations come way before the relationship she has with an animal.

Why does Gekko say dogs are better friends that people? Because he has never approached another person the way Anne approaches people. Anne's parents taught her the Bible and she lives close to its teachings.

Think about it

Do you know how people might describe your leadership style?  Do people line up to come to work for your company?  Do you have so much turnover that you spend all of your time training new people?

Clip from: Auntie Annes Pretzels

Anne Beiler says that everyone is teachable and lovable.

Gap, Pennsylvania:   An angel investor stood by her while bank after bank turned her down because the purpose of this business was to make money then give it away.

Meet Anne Beiler, founder f Auntie Anne's Pretzels.  Anne's generous spirit is infused throughout this company and it is their secret ingredient.  Anne has proven that her franchisees want to run a business built on love. While most franchise companies have to market to find new owners, Anne has to turn away hundreds who want to buy into her concept. Products topped with her love of people make Anne Beiler a leadership example to follow.

In 1988 Anne Beiler turned a mistake into a new product. Today, Auntie Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels are baked fresh in over 800 locations and are the perfect high carbohydrate, low-fat, back-to-the-basics snack so many people crave. Customers will part with over $500 million a year to enjoy this hot treat.

So now, we travel out to Gap in Pennsylvania's Amish Country; it is a simpler place. And though it may be an unlikely place to be running a fast-growing business, maybe there are lessons here for all of us in these hostile times.  This business is based on love and on giving. This is the American Dream. It has come alive for all the right reasons.

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Auntie Anne's Inc.

Anne Beiler, Founder

160-A Route 41
Gap, PA 17527

Visit our web site:

Office: 717-435-1610

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1988

Be Good To Attract Good

ANNE: I'll show you how to make a pretzel.

HATTIE: OK. It's not impossible.

ANNE: And I would expect you to learn how after about the third pretzel.
HATTIE: Really? That fast?

ANNE: Well, we'll just see how good you--I mean, we'll see.

HATTIE: OK. I'd better do this. OK, now stop it. You've had how many years of experience and I've had two minutes.

ANNE: Look at her. She's moving right along here.

HATTIE: Now is it proprietary--whoa! It did not go on the floor.

ANNE: You're getting there. I am going to hire her right on the spot. Look at this, guys.

HATTIE: Tah-dah.

ANNE: Look at this. Look at that.

HATTIE: Is that good? Was that really good? Hey!

ANNE: Now let me try to do the twist. It's like lassoing a pole. You take this and you hold this--

HATTIE: Hold that still.

ANNE: --hold it still and then you bring this around and you're lassoing this, so just like this. And do you know what the pretzel stands for, the holes in it?


ANNE: This represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because these pretzels were given as little rewards when people learned how to say their prayers, and when they folded their arms like this in prayer, that's what your pretzel looks like. See?

HATTIE: But you had started it to fund your husband's ministry--

ANNE: Yes.

HATTIE: --and then you found out it had a spiritual background.

ANNE: Yes, exactly. And so I said, 'Hey, with a product like this, it has to be blessed,' and it truly is blessed by God. Yes. Amazing. Part of a miracle. Isn't that something?

ANNE: I believe that if you start your business with a purpose and your purpose may be to give to a certain cause or whatever, and do that, I think if you treat other people the way you want to be treated and put others first and yourself last, I believe that if you seek to understand and then to be understood first, seek to understand first and then to be understood is very important. I believe that you can go the second mile in business and be successful. I think that you can take love into the workplace and make it a place where people love to come to work and enjoy each other. And people say, 'Love in the workplace?' Yeah, it works. And it's basic, it's maybe old-fashioned, but I think without those ingredients in the workplace, I'm a firm believer that that's what will make you successful. Without it, yes, you may make money, but you won't feel the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


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