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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Export A Product

John Wargo says that global shipping is cheaper and easier than ever.

Key Question:


Ship to new markets.

John Wargo is an expert on the postal services of the world. He explains that the US Postal Service has agreements with dozens of countries which make shipping safe and affordable today. We just heard Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx speak to a large group of small business owners. He said that FedEx's small business global shipments are increasing at a faster rate than those of big business.

Q: Why bother?

A: There are only 300,000,000 Americans and 6,300,000,000 people who do not live in the USA.

Think about it

What particular countries have the demographics and psychographics that you need to build a market? Is is easy for any user to place an order for your products at your web site?

Clip from: Brookstone Technologies of Australia

Run Your Office From Your Pocket.  Be anywhere!  Be everywhere!

Perth and Sydney:  Meet the folks of Brookstone Technologies. They created virtual office software so they could be anywhere and still have their entire office with them.  

Perth is the most remote, largest "big city" on earth (three hours by airplane to another city over 1M), yet it is in a time zone that is home to half the earth's population!  It is known as GMT+8 (Greenwich Mean Time plus 8 hours). This time zone includes Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and more.

John Stockbridge and Errol Pollnow merged two struggling information technology companies to form what is now a strong, creative enterprise with customers all over the world.

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Brookstone Technologies (EP)

Errol Pollnow, Founder

20/443 Albany Highway

+61 (0)8 6467 7788

Visit our web site:

Office: +61 (0)8 6467 7788

Business Classification:
Information Services

Year Founded: 1987

Export A Product

HATTIE: (In the Studio) John Wargo, our marketing adviser, says that small US-based companies can be global.

JOHN: Here's a company that has a niche market, and actually their market is global because they are appealing to very unique job functions, such as pilots.


JOHN: And they're custom making flight suits, they're custom making leather jackets, they're custom making clothing for police officers, civil service, a very, very unique market.

HATTIE: Let's see what's in this box. (Voiceover) Flight Suits, America's largest manufacturer of high-quality, made-to-order flight suits, uniforms and leather jackets, ships products all over the world from its El Cajon, California, headquarters. At customers are taught how to measure themselves to ensure a perfect fit. Wow!

JOHN: A beautiful leather jacket.

HATTIE: Beautiful.

JOHN: It's custom made. Another great product; here's a flight suit.

HATTIE: OK. Give us a little lecture, could be two cents, to any small business owner watching this right now why they ought to think about going global.

JOHN: Well, the advantage here is that you expand your market beyond your own borders, and you do it simply through your addressing and your file naming. And so what happens here is it's a little bit of extra work, you really open up the world as a great opportunity for a small business.

HATTIE: (In the Studio) The world is getting smaller every day thanks to companies like Brookstone. Our Secretary of Commerce, Don Evans, is encouraging small US-based companies to go global by using the Web site

Hector Barreto, the small business administrator, reminds us there are export assistance centers offering free help, and there's also information at

Thousands of small companies already see the world as their marketplace. If you think just maybe there's a global opportunity for you, what are you waiting for?


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