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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Get Fit To Globe Trot

Hattie says that you have to leave home to win global customers.  

Key Question:


Consider exporting.

If you decide to make the world your oyster then be glad that technology is making it affordable and a practical effort. Tools like Virtual Office and the wireless/mobile revolution have begun to transform airports, hotels, taxi cabs, even Starbucks, into extended work places. But more importantly, information is being democratized. Look at what the embedded reporters did within the Iraq War. Wireless/mobile devices allowed all of us to be out on the battlefield. There was no hiding. And increasingly, it is getting more and more difficult to lie. That's a very good thing. Honesty is the backbone of business; and somehow toward the end of the 20th century, people lost site of that fact. So, it is good that facts can now be more quickly checked.

Q: How could you use Wi-Fi technology effectively?

A: Finally, coordinate the PDA, laptop, and desktop computers and throw out the paper-based Day-timer or other scheduler. We need to let each other know when - where - how to contact us. Just think, it could all be dynamically updated within an intranet and extranet on your website. That's a start. Also, why not have everybody get involved with customer support, such that rolling calls literally find the next person available and everybody is on the roll call! You think about it: Why not downsize the physical office and begin looking at Wi-Fi enabled areas as office extensions? Possible answer: Mobile workers have often had a sense of disconnectedness; the reason is that historically the switchboard of the business was the communications hub. Everybody checked through the "front desk." Now, every desk can be a front desk no matter where it is.

Think about it

Are you working unplugged? If you choose not to work this way, do you have employees who could and would like to? What would happen if you gave all of your interested employees all the tools they need to work without coming to the office? Could you expand markets? Could you help them better manage their personal lives?

Clip from: Brookstone Technologies of Australia

Run Your Office From Your Pocket.  Be anywhere!  Be everywhere!

Perth and Sydney:  Meet the folks of Brookstone Technologies. They created virtual office software so they could be anywhere and still have their entire office with them.  

Perth is the most remote, largest "big city" on earth (three hours by airplane to another city over 1M), yet it is in a time zone that is home to half the earth's population!  It is known as GMT+8 (Greenwich Mean Time plus 8 hours). This time zone includes Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and more.

John Stockbridge and Errol Pollnow merged two struggling information technology companies to form what is now a strong, creative enterprise with customers all over the world.

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Brookstone Technologies (EP)

Errol Pollnow, Founder

20/443 Albany Highway

+61 (0)8 6467 7788

Visit our web site:

Office: +61 (0)8 6467 7788

Business Classification:
Information Services

Year Founded: 1987

Get Fit To Globe Trot

HATTIE: (In the Studio) With time and space so collapsed by mobile computing, what obstacles are left for us to deal with? Why, the real work of communication, of course. Brookstone has made it possible to send and receive any form of communication, voice and documents as faxes or e-mail from virtually anywhere on the globe.

They have made it easy, but let me caution you, it is still hard.

First, when you travel 20 hours, there is jet lag. Plan to spend twice as long to have your body adjust and allow for twice the cost when traveling these long distances.

Two, you still have to craft your message and fine-tune your offer for every potential customer. The technology is available for you to be mobile and global, but the new challenge is to be sensitive to local customs, manners and business practices and to target your new market and craft those messages to develop and support new customers. Give it a try. What are you waiting for?

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