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Key Idea: Study Customer Behavior

Anne McGilvray is so serious about understanding her customers that she decided to become a customer herself.

Key Question:


Immerse yourself in your customer's world.

Q: What did Anne do to fully understand the needs and problems of specialty retailers?

A: She opened a specialty shop of her own. She told us this way she could buy for her store and get the thrill of stocking a store with items she carries at the wholesale level but it also gives her access to information she could not get from just talking to retailers.

Think about it

How do you study your customers? How do you know what problems they are facing?

Clip from: AMCI with Anne & Michael McGilvray

Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City: This story begins like so many  stories, one person goes out selling. Her name is Anne McGilvray and she sold holiday cards. She became as a manufacturer's rep and grew her business to $2M in annual revenues. She then invited her husband, Michael, to join her.

Anne knows how to pick products that capture our lighter side, spark our imaginations, and make us smile; Michael controls the magic of technology that transformed this Mom-and-Pop shop into a $60M per-year major distribution channel to over 60,000 retail chains.  We discover two very talented people who find and work with creative, talented people. Spend some time with this episode of the show and you'll learn what it takes to have the magic touch.

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Study Customer Behavior

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Anne and Michael have two sets of customers, the vendors they represent and retailers they sell to. Anne's newest fascination is their new retail store, because she is learning more about her retail shop owner customers by being one herself. This is the ultimate customer service strategy, become your own customer. See how it really feels to make a retail shop profitable. Unidentified Girl: What's that?

ANNE: That's my baby.

HATTIE: That's your baby. Because you wanted to do what your customers are doing.

ANNE: I like seeing this product in a retail environment, in my own retail environment, where I can control it. I can buy it or not buy it or move it here or move it there and...

HATTIE: So is that part of your future? Is that part of the fun that keeps you hyped up and motivated, because if this is all so hard, which I understand--I mean, I know exactly what you're saying...

ANNE: Right. A very good possibility. You know, the first day we opened, we had people come in and say--multiple people--`Is this a chain?' And, of course, we said, "No, it was one (store)." And finally we started saying `Well, it's the first of a chain.'


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