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Key Idea: Trust Your Intuition

Host Hattie Bryant reports that Tere was in it for the long haul; she trusted her instincts when deciding with whom to do business.  You can, too.   All the videos...

Key Question:


Look for people you like because you don't want just one sale, you want a relationship.

Q:  Why is intuition a powerful tool?

A: Because business is about relationships and your intution can lead you to the right customers and away from the wrong ones. With Tere, it’s the firmness of the handshake and the directness of the eye contact. If she doesn’t feel the connection, she walks away. Teresa nurtures her customers, and you can’t nurture someone, at least, not honestly, unless you feel a connection with that person. This doesn’t mean that we go out and look for customers that are like us. We celebrate our differences everyday. Some of us are gregarious, others more reserved. We all have different interests and favorite activities. The commonality we must have with our customers is our value system. But how can you tell? Not all of us have Teresa’s sixth sense and can read people as well as she can. This has contributed to her success, there is no doubt. For some of us, it will take a little longer. We need to be sensitive to our customers, and aware of opportunities that come along that demonstrate their value system, who they really are. How do they treat our receptionist? How do they react when we are occasionally and unavoidably late with a delivery? Do they constantly haggle over price, take discounts they are not entitled to, tell us the check is in the mail when it is not?

If you lie down with dogs, you will eventually get fleas. Don’t be afraid to walk away from bad customers, they aren’t worth the revenue.

Think about it

What bad customer should you fire? What employee do you have now that your intuition told you not to hire?

Clip from: Zubi Advertising

"Hispanic Business Is Big Business."

Miami:  This story begins back in Cuba in the 1960s, but we pick it up in 1976 when Tere Zubizarreta started an advertising agency that specialized in crafting messages to Hispanic markets. 

She was a very different kind of revolutionary.  Che Guervara would lust to do what Zubi has done.

Today Zubi Advertising is the largest independent buyer of advertising on Univision. Their success is based upon insight that comes from a deep, empathic understanding of people. You will learn that this advertising agency applies science to lights, cameras and plenty of action.  Plus, we look inside Cuba, marriage, and the dynamics of family business.  It is tough stuff.

Zubi Advertising is the largest privately-held, full-service Hispanic agency in the U.S. with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio and over 100 employees.   Their work is to champion and empower other people's dreams. And, Tere Zubizarreta did it in rather extraordinary ways. Tere will always be remembered for trying to give the credit for her work to someone else.

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Zubi Advertising

Joe Zubizaretta, CEO

355 Alhambra Cir., 10th Fl.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Visit our web site:

Office: 305-448-9824

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1976

Trust Your Intuition

HATTIE: (In the Studio) Use your intuition in the selling process. Tere told us, `If I don't feel right about a potential customer, I run the other way.' She is always asking herself in the selling process, `Can we work together over the long haul? Do we have the same values? Can we build a real partnership?' She doesn't just want to make a sale. She wants to form a long-term relationship. She also wants the client to take her advice. She truly believes that she and her team can deliver for the customer, but they have to have the freedom to do so. You may have to fine-tune your intuition, and when you do, it will work for you more powerfully than any spreadsheet.

Use your intuition to attract the right customers, then you'll probably keep them for life.

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