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Key Idea: Buy As Much Technology As You Can Afford

Tere's daughter, Michelle, made the decision to invest in the kind of technology that would help Zubi Advertising look and act like its big customers.

Key Question:


Yes, if you buy it right.

Q: How do small business owners decide how much they need to invest in technology?

A: By studying the competition and listening to their customers. In Zubi’s case, the customers actually told them they were behind the curve. Technology is the ultimate enabler. It doesn’t do anything that, given enough time, can’t be done by hand. In today’s fast-paced world, time-to-market is more critical than ever before and your customers will demand that both your ability to communicate and your ability to deliver your goods or services are not hampered by your failure to invest in the appropriate technologies. If you are not making such investments, your customers will know. Rest assured that your competitors are comparing their efficiencies to yours and talking to your customers. Second place is last place here.

Think about it

Do you have the right technology for your business or do you need to invest in that area to meet your customers’ needs? How are you using the Internet to serve and sell?

Clip from: Zubi Advertising

"Hispanic Business Is Big Business."

Miami:  This story begins back in Cuba in the 1960s, but we pick it up in 1976 when Tere Zubizarreta started an advertising agency that specialized in crafting messages to Hispanic markets. 

She was a very different kind of revolutionary.  Che Guervara would lust to do what Zubi has done.

Today Zubi Advertising is the largest independent buyer of advertising on Univision. Their success is based upon insight that comes from a deep, empathic understanding of people. You will learn that this advertising agency applies science to lights, cameras and plenty of action.  Plus, we look inside Cuba, marriage, and the dynamics of family business.  It is tough stuff.

Zubi Advertising is the largest privately-held, full-service Hispanic agency in the U.S. with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio and over 100 employees.   Their work is to champion and empower other people's dreams. And, Tere Zubizarreta did it in rather extraordinary ways. Tere will always be remembered for trying to give the credit for her work to someone else.

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Zubi Advertising

Joe Zubizaretta, CEO

355 Alhambra Cir., 10th Fl.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Visit our web site:

Office: 305-448-9824

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1976

Buy As Much Technology As You Can Afford

HATTIE: Michelle hired Stuart Miller, the company's first full-time information systems person. So what did you find when you came here?

STUART MILLER: I found a mess. I found very old technology. But I was given an opportunity that just said, `Please fix us. Get us past our competitors.'

TIM SWIES:  Why work at Zubi? It's Tere Zubi.

HATTIE: Tim Swies has been at the agency for 14 years.

TIM: She has an ability to walk into a room and absolutely captivate a room, regardless of who's in there. And I've seen her do this with the captains of industry.

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