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Key Idea: Take Time To Understand Yourself

Teresa Zubizaretta capitalized on the fact that she was a woman in an industry that had been historically dominated by men.  She knew being a woman and a Hispanic were assets.     More...

Key Question:


One that capitalizes on your natural talents, education and life experience.

Q: How can you use who you are to build your business?

A:  A woman owning a business today is not unusal, however, it was when Tere started in business. Rather than play down being a woman, she always played it up. This is a marvelous techique. In this world dominated by the big brands, customers want and welcome a breath of fresh air.

Think about it

What is truly unique about you and the product /service you offer?

Clip from: Zubi Advertising

"Hispanic Business Is Big Business."

Miami:  This story begins back in Cuba in the 1960s, but we pick it up in 1976 when Tere Zubizarreta started an advertising agency that specialized in crafting messages to Hispanic markets. 

She was a very different kind of revolutionary.  Che Guervara would lust to do what Zubi has done.

Today Zubi Advertising is the largest independent buyer of advertising on Univision. Their success is based upon insight that comes from a deep, empathic understanding of people. You will learn that this advertising agency applies science to lights, cameras and plenty of action.  Plus, we look inside Cuba, marriage, and the dynamics of family business.  It is tough stuff.

Zubi Advertising is the largest privately-held, full-service Hispanic agency in the U.S. with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio and over 100 employees.   Their work is to champion and empower other people's dreams. And, Tere Zubizarreta did it in rather extraordinary ways. Tere will always be remembered for trying to give the credit for her work to someone else.

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Zubi Advertising

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Year Founded: 1976

Take Time To Understand Yourself

TERESA: I'm a Cuban. I know the culture of the Hispanic world. I have traveled extensively. So I know all the little idiosyncrasies of the various countries that make up this entire Hispanic world. So I said, `These are assets. These are not weaknesses.' These are my assets. This is how I'm going to make it.

HATTIE: Let's talk about the power of being a woman. Why does being a woman--why is it an advantage?

TERESA: I don't mean to sound--I mean, I am not a woman's libber. I have never joined a liberation movement because liberation is really up here. I do agree on one of the terms of the women's lib, and it is that we're entitled to make the same amount of money as a man as long as we know the same as the man.

HATTIE: Right. Equal pay, equal work.

TERESA: Equal pay, equal work. But on the other hand, if you really sit down and think back, men and women have always been told what to do by a woman from the day they're born. It's the mother, it's the nanny, it's the older sister, it's the first girlfriend, it's the teacher, it's the secretary, it's the wife and then it's the daughter. So in essence, if we don't become bullies--because that's the problem--some women because they need to prove that, `Yeah, you know, I'm powerful,' then they come in, and they become so assertive that they become threatening.

But I am Mama Zubi, and everybody calls me Mama Zubi. Even some clients call me Mama Zubi because I do it with that maternal instinct.

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