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Key Idea: Tap A Trend

Teresa Zubizarreta turned a profound understanding of the Hispanic culture into an advertising powerhouse helping other companies reach this growing market.   More...

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Be aware of what is going on around you.  Tere was working in a traditional ad agency as a typist and she realized that the clients wanted to reach Hispanic women.  It dawned on her that she could do a better job of crafting messages to her own demographic than could the experts who had grown up with English as their first language.

Q: How can a small business capitalize on the latest trends?

A: You have to know those trends and the earlier, the better. eHarmony is a great example of trend targeting. This company recognized that more and more people were becoming comfortable surfing the Web and coupled that knowledge with changing social demographics including increased divorce rates and a correspondingly increasing number of new social relationships. Others may follow with the same business concept, but eHarmony executed early and well.

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Think about it

How are changing demographics and social customs affecting your business? Can you capitalize on an opportunity or mitigate a threat? 

Clip from: Zubi Advertising

"Hispanic Business Is Big Business."

Miami:  This story begins back in Cuba in the 1960s, but we pick it up in 1976 when Tere Zubizarreta started an advertising agency that specialized in crafting messages to Hispanic markets. 

She was a very different kind of revolutionary.  Che Guervara would lust to do what Zubi has done.

Today Zubi Advertising is the largest independent buyer of advertising on Univision. Their success is based upon insight that comes from a deep, empathic understanding of people. You will learn that this advertising agency applies science to lights, cameras and plenty of action.  Plus, we look inside Cuba, marriage, and the dynamics of family business.  It is tough stuff.

Zubi Advertising is the largest privately-held, full-service Hispanic agency in the U.S. with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio and over 100 employees.   Their work is to champion and empower other people's dreams. And, Tere Zubizarreta did it in rather extraordinary ways. Tere will always be remembered for trying to give the credit for her work to someone else.

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Zubi Advertising

Joe Zubizaretta, CEO

355 Alhambra Cir., 10th Fl.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Visit our web site:

Office: 305-448-9824

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1976

Tap A Trend

HATTIE: Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. On this program every week, you'll meet real people who tell you the truth about how business works. We call the next 30 minutes a Master Class, because you will learn from a person who has decades of experience. You'll see why and how Teresa Zubizarreta has been so good at building a business, and why the city of Miami is so proud to call her their own.

HATTIE: Miami is truly unique and magnificent from its bustling and beautiful Bay Biscayne. But it has something in common with nine other big American cities: a fast-growing Hispanic population. And it's from here that some of the best advertising is created for the entire Hispanic-American market.

HATTIE: Tere Zubizarreta knows how to sell airline tickets, cars, wax --you name it-- to the men and women who grew up speaking Spanish at home or who call Spanish their first language.

TERESA ZUBIZARRETA: My roots are in Cuba. That's my motherland. And the United States is my fatherland. So it's a pretty good combination what I have.

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