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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Where do I find an investor?

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Find The Right Investors

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Brian Kissel says that when you look for investors go first to people who already understand your idea and how it might impact existing business.  More...

Consider A SCOR To Raise Money

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Little known among Direct Public Offerings is the Small Corporate Offering Registration, known as a SCOR. It is an option for any small business owner who is willing to learn about it. It is a way to directly offer ownership in your company to employees, family, friends and investors you have never met. David Porter is a broker who has raised funds with a SCOR.

Find Money To Match Your Dream

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People invest in ideas that captivate.

Raise Money The Old Way

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At the beginning stages of Biosite, the need for rapid testing was laughed at by the big boys in the diagnostic industry. This fact would have made getting a bank loan impossible.

Find Money to Grow

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David Pinkus explains the small Corporate Offering Registration.