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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

How do I prepare to meet with a banker?

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Get A Loan To Expand

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When your business becomes profitable and is growing, you may find that your cash flow is tighter than ever! You have profits, net income, but no cash. This is because you are increasing your investment in inventory or receivables. One way to ease this situation is to leave the profits of the business in the business to provide the working capital the business needs. Another way is to borrow money from a financial institution.

Learn The Language Of Banking

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Just like Frank learned to speak English, he learned the language of banking.

Demonstrate That You Are Bankable

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Shiv Krishnan was able to found INDUS without financing but he needed a banking relationship to grow his company.

Borrow To Grow

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Joe Dannis started a business and grew it with retained earnings until he was fully established.  With hundreds of customers and a hit product, it was easy for him to get a banker to finance the purchase of his own building. More...

Get a Banker Before You Need One

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Lupe Fraga knew he might need a bank someday, so he established relationships long before he actually needed them. When he wanted to get a line of credit for his inventory,  or an equipment loan to improve his technology, he had already had an established working relationship with a banker who understood his business.  More...

Give Bankers Spreadsheets

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Bob Sakata keeps his banker happy by providing financial statements.