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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

Do I have to use my own money?

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Put Your Own Skin in the Game

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Each of these business put their own money on the line!  We begin with Joe Fergus (COMTek) who used his personal savings to launch his business and nearly ran out of cash before he made his first sale. We also hear from Mark Gross (Oak Grove Technologies) and Jodi Johnson (Oberon). More...

Invest, Don't Spend

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Cathie and Frank Jao had no material possessions when they arrived in Southern California in 1975. Education, hard work and saving to invest in their own company has made them wealthy. After watching this video and reading the Q&A (case study guide), you can go to the homepage  for this episode or click on the Key Question  for other insightful answers and best business practices.

Leverage Your Cash

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When the city needed the land of her original location, Lorraine took their cash payment to buy land and build a greenhouse of her dreams.

Take Dozens Of Investors

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Chef Thomas Keller sought safety in numbers--many investors investing small amounts of money--to launch what has been called one of the best restaurants in the world. 

Invest Sweat and All Your Cash

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Gary Walls invested all of his own cash and all of his time to get his company off the ground.

Commit with Cash

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The great thing about real estate is that bankers understand it.