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Be Willing to Evolve

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Steve Hoffman's company, Modern Postcard, is the result of decades of continuous improvement.  Steve started in business as a company of one and today he has hundreds of employees and thousands of customers.   More on Staying Power ...   More wisdom from Steve...

Focus On What You Know Uniquely

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Cowgirl Enterprises shows how Donna Baase put her life experience into a 2 ounce bottle.     More...

Listen To Customers

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Big companies spend millions of dollars trying to find out what customers want. As a small business owner you probably think you know what your customers are thinking because you work with them day-to-day. On the other hand, most of us don't ask our customers the hard questions.

Stumble Into Millions

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By making her luck, Nicole Miller launched a very successful tie collection for men which led to her handbags, eye glass cases, socks and other novelty items.

Diversify Carefully

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By hiring, training and coaching talented employees, Ahmad had time to start other ventures.

Buy an Unexploited Idea

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Most inventors are not business people and most business people are not inventors.

Develop A New Product

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Iguanas eat the crickets.  Perfect. The new product eats the core product.

Find Solutions To Problems

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Meet theologian and winner of the Templeton Prize, Michael Novak.  He says that capitalism rewards visionaries.    More...

Tap Into The Universal Power

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Universals open the mind in powerful ways. Michael Novak examines the motivation of people like a thought-leader like Albert Black, an inventor like Glenn Walser, and risk-takers like Lupe Fraga and Jose Navarro. All are examples of people who were deeply motivated by their belief systems. Throughout the history of the USA, Judeo-Christian beliefs gave rise to rapid scientific and business breakthroughs.     More...

Alleviate Pain And Suffering

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Innovation and invention are the heart of the American dream. Bob Sakata is old enough to remember doing all of the back-breaking farm jobs by hand. Just one of his many inventions, his machine cleans and gently dehusks the corn. More about innovation...