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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

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Look Forward

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Jet-A-Way has been serving customers since 1959.  Darlene says they have stayed in business by always looking forward.

Grow Carefully

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Growing too fast can cause systems and cash flow problems.

Go Outside For Insight

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Host Hattie Bryant tells us that a turning point for David Milly came  when he invited a consultant to study the company and offer suggestions for improvement.

Grasp The Power Of E- Business

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Hattie Bryant says it is coming, like a category-5 hurricane, like a tsunami, like a magnitude-8 earthquake,whether we like it or not.  We have no choice but to become an e-minded company because we now know there are no degrees of separation. Space and time, the old parameters for business and logic, are being disintermediated by the web.   More...

Develop Yourself

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Joel Greene is a fine artist who paints at home.  His work is offered for sale at a gallery on Santa Fe's famous Canyon Road.  Joel tells us that  honing a specialty is the best way to win customers. 

Keep Stretching

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This is a print as it came off the press.  You can see that it is in motion as it is in the hands of the operator.  He and Ken Duncan looked at it carefully and decided it was perfect and ready to be mounted and framed for sale in one of their galleries.     More...

Pour Your Earnings Into The Future

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Marcel Navarro told us that Navarro Pharmacy moved from a 38,000 square foot warehouse to a 97,000 square foot warehouse in 1997.  This allows them to offer more competitive prices as they can stock larger quantities of their private label products.