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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

How do I get my first job/contract/sale?

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Earn the Right to Join the Club

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Eric Rose's experience shows that it takes time to get big.  More...

Knock On Doors (forget the beach!)

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Nothing happens until something's sold.  Period.  Business is about creating and maintaining customers and that means plenty of people have to give you money for the product or service you offer. Ken wasn't afraid to sell his photos by going from door to door.     More...

Build On Networking

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Linda Benjamin says that when you meet new people work at remembering whom you met and some details about the person.

Convince Your Family to Invest

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Starting can be shocking. In the beginning you will need both financial and psychological support from your family.  The founder and his wife invented a safe way to put wine glasses through the dishwasher.