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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

How do I minimize my risk?

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Build On What You Know

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Four business owners, Jodi Johnson and  Dave Young of Oberon, Joe Fergus of COMTek, and Mark Gross of Oak Grove Technologies, all launched a business to provide support services to our troops. They all served in the armed forces and have deep experience and passion for their work.  More...

Establish A Board Of Directors

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Dan Mirich helps each entrepreneur at The Enterprise Network create a board of directors.

Do What You Know

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Ken Buechler and his two partners, Gunars Valkirs and Kim Blickenstaff,  worked together before they launched Biosite.  They respected each others talents.

Test the Waters

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Somehow David fell in love with watches.   Lucky for him that he found the right product from a vendor that was looking for the right American distribution system.   More...

Recruit Family

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If you can't afford to pay big salaries at the startup, hire family members who can be paid in IOUs.  Paula is the founder's twin sister who is also an extreme athlete who speaks and writes Mandarin.

Volunteer to Learn

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Bill Malleris learned most of what he needed to know to build a profitable residential community by working on a cause for no pay.